Pin assignments not showing on widget

Latest version android app installed 16th May 18.

Building the UI for a tiles template. The assignment of the pin keeps disappearing. after assigning the pin. See screen shots below.

Select “all zones on/off time to edit pin assignment” - not showing any pin assignment on the label widget although I have previously assigned it to V20.

no pin assignment shown

go to assign pin and it seems to have remembered it as it is positioned on the correct previously assigned pin.

now shows I have assigned it.

but still not showing

This is happening on all pin assignments on this UI for this template and other templates on the tile widget. Assignments stick OK on widgets on the main project - see below for the timer widget placed below the tile widget.

Are you running Local Server? If so make sure you have latest update (v0.36.3)… Keeping updated is an absolute requirement to allow any changes or refinements with new App updates. This has bitten me a few times for forgetting to update my server before the App :slight_smile:

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99% it is :slight_smile:.

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No I’m on the cloud. Slight smile may have the be downgraded to a :thinking:

Ok. Thanks. We will try to fix this ASAP.

Some further possible info. Not sure if this was a coincidence. All was going ok. Widgets were retaining the visual assignment. Then I upgraded the android blynk app. Then the visual assignment started to disappear. I’ve not connected the device yet so I’m not sure if the actual assignment is lost or just the visual assignment. My guess is just the visual assignment.

Could you attach a screenshot?

Bug with pins will be fixed in next app’s version, we had planned to release it today, but now it looks like it will be tomorrow.

You will see the top set of controls have no visual pins the bottom set do.