Persistent "terminal type"

Hello …

Is there a way to create a multi line text widget that is “persistent”, ie displayed each time the smartphone application is started

  • terminal does not seen to retain “previous” line written, before the smartphone app is closed
  • labeled value allows text and is persistent, but it does not seem to handle \n

Or is this somehow the responsability of the device’s application to make the widget persistent ?


Hello @pabou. You use Android or iOS Blynk IoT app?

It retains data for Android app. I confirm the same

Hello. It does for Plus (10 lines limit) / Pro (25 lines limit) plans.

So just to clarify - for a Free Plan, a retained display (after the app closes then reopens) doesn’t apply to IOS or Android terminal widgets? I’m asking due to the reference about Plus & Pro Plans above…

Hello …

yes it does. My mistake. It works fine on Android.



My appologies. It does work (I’m on android).


Hello @pabou. What app version?
Also issue after what method update value in terminal widget? Manually, via HTTP API or hardware?

@pabou I checked in Maker acc, not reproduced for me in Android Blynk IoT app 1.15.1 (179) 30.01.2024


If it’s still reproducing for you, please read Recommendations for creating a new topic in Forum

Need additional information for this issue:

  1. Blynk IoT app version.
  2. What settings in your datastream and in terminal widget?
  3. How do you update the values?
  4. Exact steps to reproduce.
  5. Preferably a video of the bug being reproduced.
  6. And another possible information.