Particle library Vpin limit

Working on rebuilding my code files to work with blynk 2.0. I got started in and realized there was 255 Vpins now. So I created all the datastreams for my project and now I realize the blynk library in particle is locked at V1.0.0 with only 127 Vpins. Is there anyway to update the library used in Or do I get to go redo all the datastreams I created in to fit back into the 127?

Does the old #define BLYNK_USE_256_PINS command work?

There are also some limits for datastreams, widgets etc depending on the plan.
More info here…


Thanks for those links Pete! after going down a few rabbit holes I gave up and just turned my code back down to 127 pins. Hopefully i never need more than 24 zones on my sprinkler controller. I’m curious though what is the current blynk library version?

Current Blynk library version is 1.0.1.