Override high/low option in the button on the android app don't work anymore after I updated the app

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I see the override high/low option in the button on the android app don’t work anymore after I updated the app. On my app I have two buttons linked to the same data stream. When I press the dim button the value is set to a lower value to DIM the lights, ON will then be full ON. After the update it is either on or off. I don’t want to use a slider for the dimming. On my irrigation system it is an even bigger problem because I cannot control the flow exactly by just pressing a button.


When you say…

do you mean since you migrated from Blynk Legacy to Blynk IoT? or do you mean since applying an app update in either the Legacy or IoT environments?

Details of your current app version would be useful.



No I actually mean updated the blynk iot app from the android store. Everything was working fine since about august until I allowed my phone to do the Update last night. My wife’s phone now does the same thing.


Version: 1.3.8 (61) (22.12.2021 23:18)

The previous time I did an update on my apps i think were early in december.

Okay, I think details of how each button is configured, how your datastream is configured, and what your sketch (or at least the part of the sketch that deals with changes to the virtual pin in question) would be useful.


I dont have access to the sketch at the moment but I used the sample code they give when pressing the info button.

Why are you using the same datastream for both buttons ?

Because I give it different values by just pressing each button. Now I must use the slider which is difficult to set precisely. It have been working perfectly for months now.

Do you have access to all widgets ?

No, only the free ones.

What’s your project exactly ?
What are you trying to achieve ?
Can you give some details please ?

I want the button to send a value of 10 in this case to my esp32 board. But when I press the button it sends 1023 to the board and the slider value in the app also changes to 1023 instead of the 10 that the button is supposed to send. This is my simplest project that I use to explain the issue. For my irrigation system I need exact values to be sent to get the water to flow where I need it. Everything worked fine until I updated the blynk iot app from the play store.

So in short the OVERRIDE HIGH/LOW option does not work anymore on the Blynk IOT App.

I now tested it on the Web dashboard and there it does what I want it to do.

@BlynkAndroidDev one for you?

This seems a strange approach to the problem, but it appears that it highlights a bug in the app.


I mentioned the same in this topic but we didn’t understood each other well I guess…

Thanks, the issue is fixed on our side. New build will be uploaded till the end of the week, I believe it should be at least partially available from Monday


Thank you. I updated and everything works perfectly.

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Thanks, issue is fixed :+1:

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