Image button screwed up after last update

Don’t know what happend with the last update 1.3.7 but image button is not working normally anymore.

All buttons are revere showing now (ON = OFF image) and flipping the value (with override ON) doesn’t help. Also trying to change the ON and OFF images doesn’t help… for some reason it keeps the old image from cache or something

Android, iOS?


Android 11… Got it it working somehow now but ON / OFF images need to be reversed. Ik keeps showing the wrong link in the detailed screen of the images… very confusing



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Narrowed the problem to only the image buttons with the override HIGH/LOW to ON…

Do you mean that you have the override On/Off option enabled or is it your workaround for the described issue?

For some buttons i have it enabled yes because of reverse logic in Siemens LOGO (combined with Node Red)

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@bazzio we found the bug in the Image Button settings that shows off image while editing on image, but I can’t reproduce reversed On/Off images in the widget. We will make some minor bugfix update at the end of the week probably.

@BlynkAndroidDev Thanks, will check again after the update… maybe it was confusion because of showing the wrong picture?

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New build should be soon available to update - this issue is fixed in it.

Great, thanks!

Update is working fine… also push buttons are now behaving normally.

One thing I don’t understand is the high/low override function… in my understanding you can reverse the function of the switch with it. So 1 - 0 is on/off but using 0 - 1 is making the switch off/on. If this should be correct than something is not working ok.
With my reverse logic for the buttons I still have to put the off image in the on state and on image in the off state.

By default, buttons are using datastream’s min and max as off and on: off=min, on=max. Override high/low allows you to specify any value for off and for on, so you can, for example, set off=max and on=min. Images set up is not connected to datastream’s min and max - you are setting on and off images.

But… reversing the min and max with the override doesn’t flip the action of the button?
My datastream is configured as 0 = min and 1 = max, tried to flip values in datastream but not possible…

mm. looks like some confusion.

you can enable override high/low option in button and set up it in the available high and low number inputs desired values (VALUE block visible when override switch is ON), there is no need to change the datastream.