OTA updates with newest libraries and Arduino IDE?

I’ve been playing around with OTA updates, the latest thread is a little outdated. Are OTA updates working with current current libraries and python? What’s the best Arduino IDE / python / blynk library combo for OTA updates?

I’m running Arduino IDE 1.8.9 and gettin this error:

Serial monitor is not supported on network ports such as for the null in this release


Really? When searching for keywords like OTA, pick most recent not most relevant, and compare results. But most references to OTA here will be using the ESP and C++

In fact I just posted >something about OTA< almost two weeks ago.

If however, you are looking for OTA methods for other devices, or languages like python, I suggest G :eyes: GLE as OTA is not a Blynk specific issue. And >Blynk Python support< is in its Alpha infancy.

This is normal when you think about it… Serial monitor requires a USB connection, so when you set your IDE port for anything other than USB… well… “Serial monitor is not supported…:wink: