OTA - Firmware mismatch with dynamic BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding OTA upgrade via .bin shipping in the Blynk website. I want to be able to change the template ID in teh .bin, but i can’t do that because if the #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID that goes in the new .bin does not match. What I managed to do is to change the Blynk Edgent_ESP32 so that although I keep the #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID that allows me to do OTA (as long as the new .bin also has that same #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID), but in reality my code fetchs another BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID, BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME and auth key from my sd card and connects to that template/device. So in the end, the #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID i keep in all .bin files i upload via OTA is a dummy. My question actually can be divided in two:
1- Is there another way to change the BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID via OTA?(without keeping a dummy #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID).
2-Will this approach work when i try to use SD card fetch settings that actually correspond to anotehr blynk account (other than where the dummy #defined BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID came from).

Sorry for the specific question, but i came from wanting to give a device to someone and have them change the sd card in order to have their own Blynk account and template settled without loosing ota feature or having to upload a new .bin file with their new BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID .

Thank you.

Cheers, Luís Pereira.

I think you need to read this topic…


Thank you!