Switching templates through firmware updates

I would like to change the template id on a device that’s currently online using the shipping firmware console. I’ve noticed this is not possible because of the difference in templates between the new firmware and existing firmware on the device. Is there a way to force the device to accept the new firmware?

At the moment this could be done only under the super admin account. this is done to avoid mistakes when the end-user could upload the wrong firmware (which we saw quite a lot). So we added a strict check for the templateId. If you need to change it, you need to manually (via usb) upload the code.

Thank you for your response, Dmitry.
Is it possible to have this feature enabled on my account? I fully understand the reason for the strict check and its risks; however, I have devices that I’m unable to reach but will need to change the template ID at some point. The template ID change will not be a mass update to my devices but a case-by-case change.

Sorry. That’s not possible. This feature is not “toggable”.

Hello @Dmitriy and all.

I’m also facing the same need of updating / replacing template ID:

In my application, I use a standard template. However, some customers are requiring customized changes after the machine was delivered. It’s very improductive to perform firmware update with new template ID since this procedure has to be done in the field as OTA doesn’t work in this case.

I really think this should be reconsidered as it brings agility in this process of template ID replacement. Another advantage I see is when you want to work in a beta template for your application. You can create a copy of the working remplate, make the changes/improvements of new version, test everything and then release it to your customers when it is ready. The old version could be easily reversed if needed.

@Hugo-BR You’ve pretty much summed up my challenges. It’ll be nice to “force” a template ID change to a specific device. Maybe limit the forcing to one device at a time?

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I agree! Some flexibility is needed…

@yourideasvi @Hugo-BR thanks for the feedback. We’ll discuss this with the team and I’ll report you back.

Thanks @Dmitriy! Looking forward to hear from you…

Thanks for considering this Dmitriy! Looking forward to your response.

@Dmitriy, just following up this topic… Any chances to have some improvement here? This resource is really needed in order to keep the constant update of templates. Right now I have a copy template that I have included new tabs, new widgets and new datastreams. All fine, and ready to be released. But I can’t release it to my customers without having double work!! That means I have to do ALL again in the working template, and then my customers will get the updates. It doesn’t make sense. Change template ID via OTA is the best solution, no doubt about that… however if at least we would be able to update the working template by importing all the changes we’ve tested in the other “beta template” this would work too… please just think which solution you can offer so that we can optimize (and reduce) our development time.

@Dmitriy any feedback?

@Dmitriy @Pavel I would really appreciate a feedback about this topic. I really need a flexibility on Template ID change via OTA update. Is there something you can do to help me? I’m using the Pro Subscription…

We put your request to the list of features to consider, but currently, there are many others with higher priority. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for the feedback, @Pavel

Please keep in mind that, one alternative solution (not sure if easier to implement?) is the possibility to overwrite one template design by other template (copy and replace of entire project by keeping the original template ID). In this case, no impact in the current OTA updates…