Online / Offline status visualization

Hi everyone,

Is there any option to Hide the Status display (Online / Offline) in the Blynk.Console web page and in the mobile App?. I am using the platform sending values with an API connection from a .NET program and I don’t need to show the Status label. It’s always Offline but I am sending and storing values correctly.


It’s always good to search first before creating a new topic…


Evening Pete,

Thanks but I was thinking just in an option to hide/show the “Online or Offline” label when we don’t need to use it, because we update the values though an HTTP API.



Do you know if this option for Show/Hide the Online / Offline label in the Web and App?. We are using Blynk sending data through the API, without any Arduino, etc.

Thank you

If you’d studied the links I provided you’d see that this has been asked before, and the answer is currently no.


Dear Mr. Knight,

Sorry to bother you with my questions, sir.