Notifications when screen locked

Hello All,

I created a Blynk app a few weeks ago. It was working fine until the weekend.
Now when my screen is locked or I am viewing a different app Blynk notifications don’t come through properly. Instead of playing the tone I have selected it just plays a single ‘ding’.

My app is an alarm so it needs to actually play the tone I have selected.

I have tried changing notifications to high priority - no difference.
I have tried deleting the notifications widget and reinstalling - no difference.
I have uninstalled Blynk and reinstalled - no difference.

Is this a bug? Or are there more steps I can try to get notifications working again?


I think something was recently mentioned… are you also loading the Beta version of the App?

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Not using beta.
At least I am not the only one! Thought I was going mad for a while there.
The temporary fix doesn’t seem to be an option for Oneplus phones…

Is there a fix coming for the notification problem? My app is an alarm and it’s now becoming critical not having functional notifications.

Please check the latest beta version. Is this issue still available in it? Also could you provide more info about your device: Android version, model?

I have the same problem.
My smartphone model Honor 9 Lite.
Android 8.0
this problem exists on versions 2.27.0 and 2.27.1

Had you checked latest beta? As from Android 8.0 and later we can not change the very first setup of notification channel (it’s sounds / vibration / etc) - so now for these versions of Android we have a button in notifications settings that will lead to app’s notification settings, where the sound can be changed for sure.

I have the latest beta now and now I can not install my own ringtone at all.

Wow, that’s strange as that screen should show notification channel settings with sound selection included. I’ve googled - it looks like a common issue on the latest Huawei devices that do not provide system’s notification sound option in the app’s settings.

I’ll check is there something possible to do, but on Android Oreo and later after the notification settings first setup their changes could be done only by the user, in app’s settings notification option, so Blynk app will redirect from notification widget to it’s channel settings in system settings.

I suspected that the problem seems to be related to the ЕMUI shell.
Also, I have constant GPS trigger problems, it works only when I launch the Blynk app, although all permissions are set.

GPS and Notifications are two completely different things.

Are you using local server or blynk cloud?

Please send the logs from the beta build:

  1. Open about screen (info button on projects list screen)
  2. Select ‘Send logs’ option and send the email via Gmail app

I’m using a local server.
Logs sent.

I have exact the same problem on my 2 Android devices.
Blynk App version : 2.27.31
Android Version : 6.0.1

The legacy version of Blynk is no longer supported.


Would you please let me know the correct version and download source of blynk ?
Also another question : Is it compatible with Blynk Local server?


You can sign-up for the new version of Blynk (often called Blynk 2.0) here:

Local server is not currently supported in Blynk 2.0
It may be added late, but is likely to be a subscription feature.


Thanks Pete
Already its a must for me to use Blynk Local server, I am in area that can not pay for subscription and have more than 1 devices, Is there any other solution for me to have a correct android app ?

If you’re running the latest Blynk 0.1 Legacy app then no, I don’t think so.


Thanks for your feedback