Notifications on iOS app

Is anyone else having problems with not getting notifications on the Blynk iOS app? They stopped working for me a couple of days ago but are still coming through on the Android version for the same projects, and it’s happening across all my projects that have notifications turned on so not a coding or network issue.

iOS version = 2.25.0 (3), Blynk Cloud. Iphone notification settings - allow on, lock screen, notification centre and banners. Persistent with sounds and badges turned on.

Andriod version (working) = 2.27.3, Blynk Cloud.

Everything else in the iOS app is still working fine, just notifications that seem to have stopped.

EDIT - never mind, reinstalled the iOS app and all working fine on both platforms now.

They’re working for me, same app version.

Do you have notification widget in your project on the app? Blynk.notify in your sketch? Try delete and reinstall app?

yes, I’m logged into the Android app as the same user as the iOS app, which means notification widgets are the same and it’s the same sketch. Now I’m wondering if the problem is having both app versions logged in as the same user.

Hopefully. Let us know in case this gets searched in future :+1:

I had the same problem recently:

As you’ll see, the fix for me was to uninstall then re-install the app.
No problems since.