Node-red - How I change the background color of LCD widget?


Is it possible to change the background color of a LCD widget over node-red?
It seams that the set-property node not work for LCD widget.

If I set (e.g.)

msg.color = “#04C0F8”;

nothing happen.

Any tip or information for me?

THX in advance

Hi, it’s not actually the background colour that you’re changing, it’s the colour itself.
It depends on how you have your Blynk SetProperty node configured as to what message you need to send to update it.
If the Property is set to “Set multiple properties (by code)” then passing a msg.color with the value of #04C0F8 will change the LED widget colour to a sort of light blue.

If you have the Blynk Set Property node’s Property field set to “Color” then it expects msg.payload (not msg.color) to contain the value #04C0F8

I’ve just tried this on my setup and it does work as described above.


Hi Pete,

Thank you very much for your answer. But you wrote and meant a LED widget and I meant the LCD widget. :wink:
Do you know how I changing the background color of the LCD widget with node-red?


Hi Pete,

I tried also as specially “COLOR Property” with

var newMsg = { payload: msg.payload.field5 };
return newMsg;

(where field5 includes the “#FF00FF” value).

Unfortunately this didn’t work also - no LCD background color changed… :cry:

Maybe you have one another hint… :upside_down_face:


Sorry, I misread LCD as LED :crazy_face:
I’ve just tried and I can set the LCD background colour as described above for LEDs, but the LCD needs to be in Advanced mode.
There doesn’t seem to be any way to change the text colour either within Noe-Red or by code.


Hi Pete,

THX again :grinning:

I set the LCD in Advance Mode… but I have not success… o.k. I will trying a lite bit more and will write the result here.



Hi Pete,

The old same story: Most time the problem is sitting in the front of the computer. :partying_face:
Thousand of times I’ve looked on my source code and never see a spelling failture… and suddenly the mistake jumps me in my eyes and after to the brain… :exploding_head:

All works fine… if I spell correct… if… :crazy_face:

THX for your help and greetings,

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Hi Andre
Would you please post a line of code that shows how you formatted the LCD background color selection? I don’t understand the way you’ve written it above?

Thanks very much

You don’t really need any code in Node-Red, you can do it like this…

The yellow Change node for Green looks like this…


and the green Set Property node has to be set to “set multiple properties (by code)” as mentioned earlier…