Node MCU sending data trough blynk to M5stick C

i want to have a clean code with nothing else interfered with it of how to bridge with widgetbridge because poeple keep posting codes with their own codes and i get confused so please help me out and could anyone post the exact code how to bridge beteen 2 arduino’s

The actual bridge widget itself does nothing and is totally optional.

The simplest code is that in the SketchBuilder…

Just make sure that you read the comments carefully, especially the part that says…

    // Keep in mind that when performing virtualWrite with Bridge,
    // second board will need to process the incoming command.
    // It can be done by using this handler on the second board:
    //    BLYNK_WRITE(V5){
    //    int pinData = param.asInt(); // pinData variable will store value that came via Bridge
    //    }


but people write their own code mingled with the bridging so idk what is relevant to the bridging and what’s not i just wanne send a counter value and temp sens value from my m5stickC to my nodemcu but their codes get me confused

and that code doesn’t say what to type in the other code exept the thing u send

The SketchBuilder example doesn’t have other people’s own code mingled in with it - it’s as simple as it gets.

If you don’t understand that then maybe your Blynk programming skills aren’t ready for bridging yet.

Maybe you should read this, and it may make the receiving end of the bridge make more sense…

I’d start by adding a serial print command to the receiving device’s BLYN_WRITE(V5) function to show you that data has been received, and what the value of that data is.


So the only thing the receiver so if i sent data from the m5 to the node mcu the node mcu only must have the BLYNK_WRITE(V5) and nothing else ??

It obviously needs the Blynk libraries included, code to connect to WiFi and Blynk using it’s own auth token (used in OtherAuthToken on the sending device), and; in the void loop as well as the BLYNK_WRITE function.