No Support and Left high and dry

Since Blynk has updated the Blynk 0.1 legacy app user cannot create their own accounts on their own servers from the app. They also can’t enter details for own servers on the Blynk IoT app. Also the Blynk server Github page has been deleted. What the hell is going on Blynk. Your crushing people with multiple home projects and development that is done purely in house and does not need Internet connections. I love your project but should I pay to send data to a home server via my own network… I think not. Poor showing and regardless it seems very much cash orientate and bullish business like… sad day for developers and development. a bit like Google supressing TerraVision and “Do no evil”… pick the bones from that.


That’s true, but you can still create an account on your local server by copying an existing account’s .user file and signing-in with that.

Correct, the IoT and Legacy Apps work in totally different ways and you cant use the IoT app with a legacy server.

Blynk deleted the pages when they withdrew support for the Legacy app and Legacy Local Server.
However. I forked those pages before they were deleted, so there is a copy here that you canh use…

They are moving forward with the new product.


Moving forward… us or them!? It’s bad news Peter. People who invested time, effort and code in their home environment are being systematically cut out.

I’m not against people making profit but don’t make your business built entirely on profit. How can a school in a third world country afford to have all their pupils signed up to Blynk? This is when a server can educate while keeping costs down.


This topic has been discussed plenty of times in this forum, and many are not happy with the old platform closing in soon!!! But this does not matter to Blynk as they have already made up their mind on closing it….

So how ever or what ever this thread develops it doesn’t make any difference what so ever….

So it’s better to drop the topic here and move forward…. NO OPTION LEFT…

Continuing to use a local server is still an option, and that’s what @Codfishcatfish seems to want to do, but he seems more interested in complaining than actually looking at workarounds.


Not a feasible option because!! Lets say we have quite a number of projects running in and around the house and at some point the app will be removed from the store. And if someone wants to reinstall the app !?? They are done. Especially IOS users.

I would never take this big risk, as i can see the end is standing right there., so better not to invest time on something which is not reliable.

But that’s not one of the issues that he’s complaining about :smiley:


My point is we need to stop thinking about the part n move towards the future IoT… :wink:
And not waste our time thinking or using the things that were in the past.

But for some people that isn’t possible, because there is no affordable local server option for Blynk IoT.
The educational scenario that @Codfishcatfish mentioned is one situation where Blynk IoT isn’t a great solution if you want students to be able to use more than the basic widgets.

There are also situations where local server is the only viable option.


The local server idea is not abandoned. It’s just not a priority right now.

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Even though i am awarded a free pro plan from Blynk team !! I am afraid to start the migration. I dont know if they start to charge for it… and that will be a big bummer for me… so i am waiting for things to settle down everything. Once settles i will migrate all my devices to the new platform.

Because even i dont like to pay for pro plan just to read few sensors data and control few devices😢…

I would better buy a ready device like sonoff with life time support n no subscriptions…

Yes for students it will he hard time. Or they will have to create their own individual account so they get two free devices and limited widgets to get started with IoT platform. This is the only way out.

Just to set the book straight “Lord” Peter of Blynk… I’m not complaining but voicing my issues. I have a lot of people who connect via my local server for testing before they commit to a subscription or pay for energy on Blynks servers. I can afford any subscription, however those who I help often can’t. The workarounds you suggest aren’t an issue for me as I have already made inroads into fixing the issues but again, those who wish to test via my server are experiencing issues and one is creating a fresh account on my server from the app. One simple work around would to re-issue the app but block creating new accounts from the legacy app on the Blynk server.
A simple switch for local or Blynk servers would have done like before but not after you have logged in but before. The option to create a new account would only be available when selecting local server.

Its my humble opinion that Demetri should be paid for his services and I don’t support anyone leeching off my server long term but enough for testing their designs or projects

I’ve supported. However if your entire house has 60 IoT sensors and devices and you put a lot of your faith in long term support then this announcement is of course worrying. Fortunately I have NodeRed running on a Jetson Nano. I’m not opposed in going forward but the handoff could have been better handled.

Try to be a little nicer Peter when you talk to people. Some of us have huge commitments to IoT and this snapshot is 5 or 6 ESP devices (of 18) alone that don’t scroll off the screen and connected to my Blynk Server.

I assume that these comments are directed at me? If so, I’d prefer you to address me as Pete, rather than Peter or Lord Knight.

Your initial post in this topic was verging on rude, and your comments in the last post could be taken in a number of different ways. If they were aimed at me, as opposed to someone named Peter, then I’ll let them slide this time.

Please keep the tone of future posts more friendly, otherwise you may find that your forum account gets suspended.


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Oh Peter, Sorry I thought this was Dimitris project. Just wondering why you felt compelled to wade in with your version of righteousness? Go ahead suspend away if you have the authority.

You won’t get the forum on my back dishing out your Peters law I’m afraid as many are in the same boat as me and you may as well ban those too.

Still not sure why you seem to pipe up when you’re a “regular” and not a co-founder?

Only rude to those who are rude to me so please go ahead and bullet mark my comments for dissection and hopefully the forum will whittle down to those who accept Peters law or don’t.

Personally I like Dimitris post “local server isn’t abandoned just not a priority”.

In a battle of wills Mr Peter, all you will do is lose Dimitri customers Eg: myself and anyone using my server for testing and anyone who was going to move to IoT from local servers. $1 or $1000 it makes no difference.

So please keep spewing out your rightnessous and hopefully you will have the forum to yourself… and no developers for Dimitri and nobody to oppose you.

Strike a pose…

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Suspended until 12th November.
Happy now?



I think he rents his server :rofl::rofl:

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Good idea though, to make money… does not come under commercial use i guess :rofl:….

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Are you being paid by Blynk in any way?

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No, I have no connection with Blynk as a company.
I do get free access to the Pro subscription in Blynk IoT, along with a handful of other forum members who are either moderators or “regulars”.

Why do you ask?


I ask because you always seem to support Blynk policies. It has surprised me a bit.
Anyway, thanks for your answer.

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