No notification in locked phone (bluetooth or wifi)


Hi guys
I tried to find something here, but was not able…
I’m new in your app

I use your scatch for bluetooth: arduino + HC-06 + DHT11 so I do not copy it here. It works.
I realized that if app is in background or phone is blocked - app disconnects and it is not possible to received any notification from my arduino( I need to have notifs during the night with blocked phone)
I see in some topics that it was working before.

  1. please let me know how can I use notifs in backgound during the night
  2. please let me know if the behaviour with wifi is the same or not.

I learned that you disabled such thing because of battery discharge, but I think it’s up to user to decide and it should be at least optional.

tested on xiaomi mi5s and sumsung s8 plus



That is more a BT/BLE limitation thing.

WiFi devices continue to work, as do notifications, as both they and your phone connect via Blynk Server.

Notification priority already is your choice :wink:

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Thank you! I’ll check the same with wifi.
If I cannot use BT in bkg, it is not ny choice :kissing_smiling_eyes::wink:

Btw: where this limktation cames from?



Just a guess, but since Blynk is predominantly aiming for IoT, and BT/BLE is not true IoT, it was more a introductory thing at the beginning. And while slowly getting enhanced upon, is still not as solid a IoT base as a App <–network/internet–> Server <–network/internet–> MCU process.

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Thanks. I’ve checked with wifi. It works!:sunglasses:
But I think we need to have possibility to use it with BT anyway



Hi guys,

I’ve checked some topics in the past but didn’t get clear view

I realized that Bluetooth doesn’t allow to run notifications when app is in bkg

It is ok for wifi. Notifications work perfectly but I’m not happy that I have to use wifi(or 3G) connection on my phone during the night (I prefer to switch it off when we sleep and BLE would be perfect way for it)

Is there any possibility to use notifs in bkg? BLE? something else?

Is there any plan to allow Bluetooth to work with notifs in bkg?

I do not want to run Blynk server locally.

thank you in advance



Please don’t create multiple topics for same issue. I merged them.

Meanwhile… Read here…



Thank you. Sometimes it is not easy to find an answer…



If we’ll allow blynk to work in the background (so ble/bt connection will persist) - it will eat battery a lot - it is one of the reasons why we had decided to stop blynk connection layer on app’s stop/background/etc



forget to answer.
There are blutooth watches for ex. working the whole day and I do not fill they impact battery a lot.
I think user could be warned about a battery. but it would be great to keep this possibility.
I need it just durung the night and thats all



For the notifications to work there should be a connect to the server, if the will be a lot of communication via BLE - it would impact a lot the battery for the communication with the server.