No notification in locked phone (bluetooth or wifi)



Hi guys
I tried to find something here, but was not able…
I’m new in your app

I use your scatch for bluetooth: arduino + HC-06 + DHT11 so I do not copy it here. It works.
I realized that if app is in background or phone is blocked - app disconnects and it is not possible to received any notification from my arduino( I need to have notifs during the night with blocked phone)
I see in some topics that it was working before.

  1. please let me know how can I use notifs in backgound during the night
  2. please let me know if the behaviour with wifi is the same or not.

I learned that you disabled such thing because of battery discharge, but I think it’s up to user to decide and it should be at least optional.

tested on xiaomi mi5s and sumsung s8 plus


That is more a BT/BLE limitation thing.

WiFi devices continue to work, as do notifications, as both they and your phone connect via Blynk Server.

Notification priority already is your choice :wink:


Thank you! I’ll check the same with wifi.
If I cannot use BT in bkg, it is not ny choice :kissing_smiling_eyes::wink:

Btw: where this limktation cames from?


Just a guess, but since Blynk is predominantly aiming for IoT, and BT/BLE is not true IoT, it was more a introductory thing at the beginning. And while slowly getting enhanced upon, is still not as solid a IoT base as a App <–network/internet–> Server <–network/internet–> MCU process.


Thanks. I’ve checked with wifi. It works!:sunglasses:
But I think we need to have possibility to use it with BT anyway