No Delete Option for Project used in App Preview

Hi! My problem is that I can not delete the first project in blynk! There are two tools I’ve added, but I did not even have the stuff of the tools, but I accidentally added it because I tried the app! How to delete it because it annoys you to be there! George

  1. Open Project
  2. Press Project Settings Button in the header
  3. Scroll Down to the bottom – there is a Delete button.

No delete button

Sounds like that old “Blynk Faces” option (is it still around?), once setup and linked to a Project, you had to remove it before removing the Project.

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Do you have any App Previews?

OK, now you need to remove the preview link… then you can delete the project. I don’t recall exactly how to do that, but I think you click on that “face” icon and delete it from in there first.

Does not work! There are no bottom delete buttons in the project settings! And I can not even remove devices!

I have moved your issue into it’s own toipic.

As stated above… Sorry, I don’t recall exactly how… but you need to figure out how to REMOVE the project link in your App Preview FIRST, and THEN that project will have the delete option.

I think? the App Preview is somewhere else in the App, not in the actual project used.

@Gunner is right, at first you need to go to apps screen, open all app preview’s that use this project and delete them, only after all apps will be removed - you will be able to delete the project.

Thank you!We’ve managed to delete it!

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I succeeded. At the end, after all the projects, I found the “My Apps” option. Thanks!