[SOLVED] How to delete blynk project?

How can I delete unnecessary blynk project? There is no posibility to edit any project.
I am using Huawei P9 , Android 7.0

Select the project you want to delete, stop it if it is running, click on the NUT icon to get into Project Settings, scroll all the way down (swipe up) and choose DELETE

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How can I select the project? I see this nut symbol only if I create new project. After creating, I don’t see it because I can not select the poject. How can I select it?

The screenshot you have shown is the select project mode (swiping left and right to select a project), just click on the middle of the screen to select that project.

Then as I said, stop the project if it is running… the NUT icon is to the left of the ARROW (Start icon) with the PLUS (Add Widget) icon in the middle.


Oh God. Thank you. The problem was I could not select the project. I clicked double, I tried to zoom. I tried to move project name to window title. Nothing worked. then I clicked in the middle of the screen only once and it worked. Project is selected.
Thanks again.

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