New iOS Release 2.19.0

I’m following this thread closely, same thing happening to me. All my super charts say ‘error getting data’. I will update my pi server tomorrow and see if it fixes. I REALLY need to disable automatic updates in iOS.

Blynk isn’t just the App, Server or Library, but all three…Best to keep watching all aspects and update acordingly… even leaving things alone long enough will break something.

Let us know here if it works or not.

Updated server. I can connect via browser and see the admin page. My iOS app connects to the server. However, It shows the Arduino offline. I’m guessing I need to update the arduino IDE libraries. Don’t have time now, I’ll be back next week with an update.

Depending on the versions you used to have, you may also need to change the ports used in the device sketches to 8080… That is the new port to use for hardware.

That was it. Changed the Arduino sketch/hardware code from port 8433 to 8080.

Blynk.config(auth, IPAddress(10,0,1,100), 8080);



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Superchart cannot load when switch betwen 6 hour and 1d, 1w, 1m… only Loading…
this problem apear on android and ios client app

And update harware binary is not impossible (this device sold with no support update firmware)

@Goldenfish app version? Server?

Sorry for late, I mean I will need to update my hardware program library V0.5.2 too. I use local server. The scale 1h and 6h are work but not really full function other are error.

BTW, I have already bought new NodeMCU then create new project.(No chance to upload my 300km. NodeMCU.)
and update library v0.5.2 then upload the programs. It shown the same beheavior with the existed project whitch use old liblary.
Do I need to change Arduino sketch/hardware code to 8080 like a comment below ? Currently I use 8442.

Yes, 8080 is the new default Hardware port for Local Server… as per Library 0.5.1+

Thank you so much. I will try it again and lets you know.

@Dmitriy lasted app version, server local 0.3.2x

You need to use the latest one.

@Dmitriy when i use the lasted version, application say : device offline

when i roll back to old blynk server version, device work perfect, connect from device to server ok, application work, except superchart

if u need infomation of my local server you can pm me and test

Known issue. Will be fixed with the next update.

Or you may add to

for quick fix.

still offline

Have you restarted the server?

Yeah, every time for sure.

After I revise port to 8080. Same beheavior still happen. Fortunately I update Blynk App v2.20 I can see graph 1d data but 1w, 1m, 3m still blank.

Finally I find to customize time range period to use High resolution then all info are come back. Hoho

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Hello, i fixed my problem (blynk said device offline) when i update local server to lasted version by change
Open and change


Do u have any announcements about this ? last time i have to touch on server is change from 8443 port to 9443, and i dont wan’t to change anythings on my local server like port connection bla bla because it’s work correctly now and i want it work as it designed (my devices) for long time and no need to update server while ios app or android app updated automaticaly.
if u want to change any port, please use as an optional section.
Thanks for reading

Yes - New Blynk Library v0.5.1 is Released (important for local server owners)