New Blynk Server Release

@psoro While it may not have been the only thing wrong?.. In my case, I apparently had DB enabled in, but had never installed PostgreSQL. So I would get that long list of errors at startup and after about 10-12 hours server would grind to a halt.

I don’t really need DB, so I have disabled in in and will see how long it goes (last test that way was great after 24 hours).

Hi @Gunner, many thanks for this tip, I have also DB enabled in, I have disabled it and restarted the server…let’s see what happens.
Thanks again!!

@Gunner, you the man!
2 days up running without issues, thanks again!

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It was all @Dmitriy… I just dumped logs and screenshots at him untill he said Uncle (another idiom :slight_smile: ) and he came up with the suggestion.

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@psoro @Gunner did possible fix



i do this with this command:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Do you mean i must to config pom files for build server with Java8?(jave must to updated to the latest or just any version of java8 i.e jdk 8u131) if i should to config the pom file so how can i do it?

Is that latest code from github? Could you please attach all log?

I think you have outdated source code. As this error was fixed many days ago.

i download again the server files from bellow link

and test agail but the error doesn’t fix yet.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll check. For now you may add -Dcheckstyle.skip=true to maven build command.

Do you have to remove Java 8?

Hi @Dmitriy,

I try #define BLYNK_USE_256_VPINS but I still have 128 Pins

what I missed ? :thinking:


Do you mean within the app?

No. Why?

yes dashboard buttons

For now support is done only on the server side. Do you really need 255 virtual pins?

i don’t need 256 but 150 yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok. We will try to add this into the next builds.

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Its OK i now see that on Raspberry Pi Java 8 is OK if we use the correct version of Blynk Local Server.

I don’t know if his is the right place to say this but Blynk app could do with a switch that goes ON for a configured amount of time say 3, 4, 5… seconds for when you want to control a for lock for example where the lock has to remain open for a few seconds.

Nope, not the right place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … try here: As well as searching this forum for all the similar timed button requests and alternative coding solutions - Like Here :smiley: