New Blynk 2.0 gonna try it or bust

there should be a separate forum for the new Blynk 2.0 , Dmitriy (thats directed to you !) here’s my question, i plan switching to the plus yearly fee 60 US dollars. will I loose all my energy that I paid for in the old legacy version ? or will I get the discount on the new version ? and when… and Question 2 , if I stop paying the yearly fee(lets say I get struck by lightning and die) will all my projects stop working ?? just saying…
thanks for such a great app, you guys rock…

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The energy will still be there in the legacy version, but won’t be transferred to Blynk 2.0
However, you will get a 50% discount off your first year of Plus subscription cost. Maybe you’ve already had an email about this, check your spam folder….

I think so, but if you’re dead then I don’t think you’ll be too worried about it :thinking:

I agree that the current arrangement isn’t working very well for either the Legacy or Blynk 2.0 users.


thanks Pete u da man…

@daddyben1 hello, we already sent emails with discount codes. If you didn’t get it - please contact @MariiaDrozhak via private message.

they will continue to work, but “paid” widgets would be blocked.

What happens if you’ve created sub-organisations, invited more than 5 users, changed user permissions etc.
The basic package doesn’t support organisations and only allows 5 users. How is this handled in case of a downgrade from PRO?


Hi, Pete. In case of downgrading from PRO you lose the access for managing sub. organizations. Users/Devices that are out of Plan probably will be disabled. We’re still working out this case.