New Android Release 2.26.5


yes Gunner, it fits with Enter, but its ugly :smile:


yes but I’ve an other problem !

in French it is “ENTRER” 6 letters !!!



Yup, but what is one more ugly compromise in order to make things fit… sheesh :disappointed_relieved:


the solution for all your problems :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:



you have a spellings error in received.


aha !
yes thanks

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Just noticed, that some kind of next level visual enhancement influenced my tabs! :wink: The tab bar after updating the app to 2.26.6 became unusually “fat” partly obscuring the widget’s space. Look at screenshots. As a important (?) note I may add, that it is only “broken” on Samsung Note 4. On another device (800x480 7" tablet) it looks perfecly normal. Anyone noticed that too??


It’s a bug introduced in last build, we’ll fix it soon


Ufff :cold_sweat:

But just noticed something else: Look at the left Y-axis of the screenshot from my previous post and all those digits (decimal places). I had it set to ONE decimal place, just tried to reset those, but app refused to do so! The weird thing is, on another chart (different widget) it is correctly set at just #.#. How to fix it??


That’s strange, I’ll check it. Decimals option is only for tapnhold values preview, on y axises we had worked on a better formatting for cases like here: SuperChar Axes range


Thanks… I’m aware of the mentioned topic.
I tried everything: messing with settings, deleting and recreating stream and even reproducing issue on another - correctly displayed- chart. No go… :thinking: I haven’t tried recreating widget and manual checking the user profile file on server.


It looks like a bug for the case when range of y values is >= 5, I’ll check it on my side


Might be- thanks for suggestion. Changing the range to fixed magnitude of 10 temporarily “fixed” the issue


@BlynkAndroidDev, another annoying “insect” in the SuperChart’s garden: A two stream graph, with split Y-axis 0-50% for one and 50-100% for another stream. They displays fine initially, look below:

Now just scroll back in time. And what we see? Look:

The bottom stream now shows values it never received, below “zero”

SuperChart - Graph fill for negative values inverted

What’s the setting of that stream with issues? Are you using some delta scale option or not?


No, no DELTA, it is set as pointed above: both with HEIGHT limits. But hold a while. I need to check the exported values, as it might be some error while receiving the data. This one is sent as a float, not as a byte, so it MIGHT be some read error (but it never happened and is CRC checked…) Will let you know ASAP…


OK, my fault (although I have no idea how it happened). Somehow the false reading passed the CRC checking, I’ve found this little creature:


I’ve fixed your issue with wrong formatting of Y labels, soon it will be uploaded to Google Play.


Sounds great! And the tabs height?


Sure, it is also fixed.

I’ve also added some code for a more similar (to smartphone) text width on tablet devices: labeled displays on my Nexus 6, 7 and Pixel devices have a same look.