New Android Release 2.26.5


Again?? Really!? Come on devs, I like the fixes and improvements, but I guess within next few releases I gonna have serious problems with seeing the content of Value display widget.
I compiled three different releases of Android app… Please take a look. All this on 2560x1440 Galaxy Note 4


@marvin7 Which font size option you have set for these widgets?

  1. As I wrote before, we had changed fonts scaling for tablets so a same labeled/value displays on tablet and smartphone will have almost the same amount of text in them - and, of course, this means that tablet text height will become smaller.

  2. I could revert this tablet specific update in next release if it does not suit all who use tablets here.

  3. Also I’ll check how to distinguish between phablet and tablet

@Gunner how it looks on your tablets?


On this screen always the largest available. The first (largest) is autoscaled (no font size to choose from)

Yes,PLEASE consider it,or add MORE font sizes to choose, eventually just add a size as a property (as I had asked earlier)
The screen is more and more white, and it doesn’t look good on my tidy “carefully” :stuck_out_tongue: designed project. :worried:


I already posted screenshots (above) of some of the relevant changes between 2.24.0 and 2.26.7. Showing two different phones and two different tablets.

I post many screenshots, but get the impression some developers don’t bother looking at the obvious evidential degradation… but here is some more Super Chart screenshots on the same older tablet

Android 2.24.0 :slight_smile: & 2.26.7 :frowning: (the styled button font is the only improvement in my view, albeit truncated)…

And the same views on a newer HD (not phablet) phone… You need to click on image to see whole thing… this forum doesn’t like 2:1 ratio images, another thing that could use fixing.

Android 2.24.0 :slight_smile:

& 2.26.7 :frowning: Also note the individual stream value legends in the Super Chart are missing mid values


@Gunner, please check the 2.26.7 which introduces further changes within font scaling algorithm. The 2.26.6 is a past already :smiley: Yet we know, there will be next version very soon, as the current has some “insect” hidden (only one ? :wink:)


Interesting… at the time of my post above, I did update to the “latest” in the Play Store… so those posts where 2.26.7 after all (I did double check and confirmed it). I will correct my above info.


@marvin7 @Gunner fixed 2.26.7 release has been uploaded and is already available to download, it should not change anything for phones, but on the tablets there should be small changes like larger widget’s labels (and not only: larger zeRGBa values, Gauge min/max, SuperChart legends) and smaller font height, so labeled/value display will fit almost the same number of text as phones.


small question, is there a reason why the color black is not available as OFF/ON background color with the style buttons ?


and an other question,
why there is no property color for background ?


Do you mean the widget’s background? It is because widget’s background is not one color thing, it has at least 3 colors in edit mode.


It is due to dark theme of the project, in most cases we do not allow black background for dark theme’s widgets, as well as white background for light theme’s widgets. But you can always change the backgrounds for Styled Button using ‘update property’ command.

In future we have plans to switch to better color picker with a several users colors.


alright, i noticed because i was trying to recreate the normal button and they do have a black background.


I mean dashboard background, instead of the 2 colors.


No new release on assigned Google Play server. Still 17.06.2018 is the current one. need to wait.


My above tablet screenshots are of this latest version… (well the latest I can download as of 15 min ago… and looks the same as above)


@Gunner, do you have version from today ? I do NOT.


this morning at 8 AM


I’m talking about this info:

According to @BlynkAndroidDev info there should be fixed version available, but it is still out of my reach.


Sometimes Google Play takes more time for a build to be available, but I had received a notice that build was available 10 hours ago. It has the same version, so maybe they do not update the date?