New Android Release 2.25.0

I disabled it long time ago. This way I always have a chance to backup, try, and in case of being “unhappy” - rollback :slight_smile: (as it happened now)

I do have them too! And thought it was a design modification. Actually I like them, although I’ve noticed that where it appeared, the widget’s value/text was scaled down. Not a big deal, as it was possible to correct it manually.

Hmmm… even as an option? Personally I was quite content with it. But perhaps after fine tuning the available font sizes it will be OK? As for now: “rollback”…

Any chance for a link to the APK? EDIT I thankfully had another device that had not updated… so was able to extract the APK and reinstall to my wall mounted tablet… My beautiful viewable displays are back :heart_eyes:

I will need to Google ways to make my own backups.

Gee… It was my backup, and cannot post an app file here… I think @BlynkAndroidDev shared once a link to service with historic files available, but don’t remember which topic it was. As a last resort I can share, but I hope It will not be necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

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I fixed it… just finished editing my post when you replied :slight_smile: Thank you for looking into it though.

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sorry, but this was really a bad decision.


Coming back to this… I don’t see the problems? As I mentioned and showed via many screenshots and explanations on this topic here… (did anyone actually LOOK closely at those images?) Anyhow, the primary issue was the LABELs not scaling properly, not the actual display text (with the exception of the terminal and tiles text), along with some of the widgets looking odd… but not the main display widget text itself!

So why exactly is Blynk removing the one relatively perfect scaling element?


We want all labeled widgets to look same. When there is an auto-scale - all labeled widgets with different length texts will look differently if they would not fit widget’s length.

Right now I’m uploading new build with much larger font sizes for labeled and value widgets.

And my point was that the auto scaling text was the ONLY part that looked the same across the four different displays I showed in that other topic… I think you should keep the autoscale and add it to the little LABEL text, terminal text and perhaps even the tiles (although the graphics had a part in squeezing out the text on those widgets)

But then if we chose a font that looks good on an old SD display, it may look out of form on a HD display, and vice versa… just like the current LABEL texts do (and Terminal & Tile…)

  1. No, auto-size support was a quick fix for the issue with text not fitting widget’s size, but it produces a lot of different sized labeled on one screen, if there are several labeled widgets with different text’s length.

  2. SD display and HD display will have different text sizes in pixels.

  1. OK, I see what you are referring to now… and that was a feature I actually appreciated, as I could trust the autoscaling to always show the full value of whatever variable data length it was getting, even if I needed the display itself to be rather short in width to accommodate many fields.

    Please keep it as an option at least, I (and probably others) beg of you :fearful:

  2. This also may be a good option… will have to wait and see how it looks.

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In future we have plans to move several of font size options to the project’s settings - if we’ll find a simple solution for that, and I think we’ll provide more than three options to select.

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Currently our goal is design unification.

But hopefully not at the expense of end users flexible customisation… I can understand design unification for a commercial project… but one of the appeals of Blynk was the perceived “Make it your own way” flexibility.


Oh gosh, then I must say this was a very valuable “quick fix”, which apparently directly hit many users preferences…

EDIT: Updated, and YES! it is “fixed” now :slight_smile: :+1: Currently the LARGEST matches the “default” (autoscaled at 100%?) from previous version. Yet I’m wondering, if it shouldn’t be the “MIDDLE sized”, and the largest would be slightly larger then it is now… @BlynkAndroidDev, @Gunner what are you thinking??

Guys, Blynk will be transforming in the direction of app constructor which requires certain consistency.

Unfortunately, we’ve faced many design issues in regards to auto-scaling which lead to the decision to finally stop this madness.

On a good side, we will be adding more ways to display text in the app, which you will definitely like.

For now, please extend your label widgets to accomodate the information with the fixed font size.

Thanks for understanding.

Sorry… don’t like it at all :frowning: This is what the latest update looks like on my main phone…

And when I drop it to SMALL font, there are still some displays getting cut off (Time and Date)… while on my main tablet the same settings become miniscule…

Yes, I can totally rearrange my layout to accommodate the font’s needs… instead of the font accommodating my choice of layout… but then that really starts heading into realm of the limitations and restrictions of “other apps”. Blynk should be better than this.

I am not sure what you mean by this, but I hope that the current development side isn’t turning into a big beta test for a eventual commercial only product… I was a unwitting participant of that once before and leaving that was what eventually lead me to Blynk in the first place.

But I will certainly give this all my best benefit of doubt and hope that I am just being unreasonably skittish :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I can look forward to the pending options… if auto scaling is not an option then hopefully per-display device adjustability?

Considering my current use of Blynk as a big teaching aid, more than making actual IoT projects (well, I have a few at least), I guess I have the least to complain about.

I don’t like it, but I can work around it and it is not the end of my ‘smartypants home’ :stuck_out_tongue: … but what of others?

I am trying :slight_smile:

Yes, I see what you mean…

In my project I can’t confirm that: I run the same on 2500x1440 (or sth like that) and on 800x480 (or sth like that :wink: ) 7" tablet and with largest font it looks OK. More or less the same as previously. But I guess it just confirms, a lot needs to be done now for correct font sizes to choose from. Even displays with similar resolution, but “tuned differently” behave different way with Blynk…
Well…One more try: Can’t an autoscale be one of the options? (i.e the fourth…)

Yes, it don’t make sense how a 1 or 3 sizes fit all approach can work in today’s wealth of choices for phones and tablets.

My newest 8" tablet LG VS33 - 1200 x 1920 pixels (~283 ppi density), and strangely the one I use the least, guess I am afraid of breaking it :stuck_out_tongue: , has almost twice the resolution as my older 8" tablet shown above… but It also doesn’t like the currently available font options.

I updated (after backing up the old App - not that it will support other new features :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and went from this to this…

Manually increasing fonts will get me somewhere in the middle… at the expense of total unsuitability on my phone.

@Gunner @marvin7

We had some discussion on your issues and decided to try another small/mid/large test size logic: large selection will make text size at max in the available height, mid - will make text size of 70 percent of the height and small - 50%. We would not scale text size to fit the text in the width bounds, so you will need to resize your widgets in some cases.

Link to the test build of this feature:

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