New Android Release 2.25.0

What’s new:

  • New Widget: Reports - works only with Device Tiles, but soon it will have other options
  • SuperChart: better live mode, fixed drawing of one point streams, fixed binary stream’s flip value save, fixed pin selection in DeviceTiles
  • DeviceSelector: option to hide device’s icon
  • Numeric Input: larger font sizes
  • Labeled Value: font size option
  • Value Display: font size option
  • Picker Dialogs: highlighting selection with theme’s color

If you are using Local Server - you need to update it to the latest version


Hmmm… The font size choice for labels… Aren’t they too small now???
perhaps add the auto size option, as it was in previous version?? I liked that, as it was able to nicely autoscale widget’s content…

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Wow… way too small for certain displays now…

And I AM running server-0.37.2-java8.jar (I remembered :stuck_out_tongue: )

Even after choosing the “large” font…

A far cry from the former look… and a significant step backward for my static wall display… of which I can’t go back too… darn auto update… :cry: so here is a slightly older view…



Why do the blynk overlords torture us!

Please, make it stop!

Why is “normal” size suddenly and arbitrarily not “normal” anymore??

If you want to make such massive changes, provide us with a “select all” function…

‘Select all button widgets’
‘change font size’ etc

We’ll collect responses and I think change the text sizes for value widgets to a larger ones, as there are a lot of display resolutions and if current large one is too small - we’ll increase it. We do not want to provide auto-size option anymore, as it produces a lot of different sized value/labeled displays.


FYI, the large fonts look fine on a (skinny) HD display 1440 wide, shown below, (but then they did before as well - it was usually the LABEL that was cropped), but miniscule on a old 800 wide display, shown above.

I suspect it is more do do with the PPI density as the HD usually is around ~564 ppi while the older displays were only around ~149 ppi

Wow, you have two lines in one label - that’s bad, what’s Android version it is?

so instead of changing the text size in 80+ of my widgets, i should wait until you fix it?


We are scaling our default text sizes according to screen density, in your case issue is caused by very different dashboard’s element’s height.

happens in my Android 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy s6 too.

Oh? And here I thought that was one of your attempts to avoid the cropped labels on HD displays… it has been that way for about a month?? or so. Android 8.0 (recently updated from 7.1)

EDIT.… actually looks that way on my Android 4.4.2 emulator as well… I have set it to the simular settings as my daily driver phone so as to get the same “end result” view when developing a project


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We’ll adjust slightly font sizes for min/middle/max sizes - that’s all.

We are sorry for your issues, but this is probably the last old widget’s updates.

can you make a “select all” option to edit all the widgets at once?

can i do thi sin the server backend?

Sure you can do that via server’s backend. Value/Labeled displays has fontSize field that could have next value: LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL. I guess @Dmitriy can provide you with how to to edit your projects via backend.

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We’ll fix it in next release, I guess we’ll have some fixes/updates release at the end of this week.


ok, that would be really helpful for many reason, thank you!

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Number input is funny on Samsung S7 large number

Change size to smaller one. Large font is for when the height of the widget is > 1 row

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