New Android Release 2.23.0

What’s new:

  • You can now use the same pin in several widgets;
  • New project’s settings option: hiding widget’s background in play mode;
  • Device Tiles: Map widget support, Level Template fixes;
  • HistoryGraph and Graph are now not supported;



wow :eyes:

Without frames the light motive looks beautiful! :star_struck: Thanks!

Small suggestion: A selectable text size for label on Labelled Value widget? Is it somewhere on the “todo” list?

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One pin, several widgets?

What is this witchcraft! :sunglasses:

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Indeed! I love it in dark as well!
By the way what is the color code (#xxxxxx) of “DARK THEME” , i want to disappear from my templates, widgets i don’t use.

Don’t forget the “search forum” option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dear @Gunner
It was just to verify Murpy’s Law derivatives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Any way, thank YOU!

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Just updated and it looks beautiful…but there’s a major bug and I’m trying to describe it properly. I’m not at home so I can’t update the server so I’m not sure the issue lies there, hence I won’t open a new topic on this one, but I can give a description:

Server version 36.3
4 tabs.

  1. with event tiles
  2. with a LOT of value displays, leds and stepH buttons
  3. with 4 terminal windows
  4. with 7 terminal windows

-If I ‘play’ the app while on 2. then 1. still shows up in 'stop mode’
-If I ‘play’ the app while on 3. then all 3 show up in ‘start mode’
-If I ‘play’ the app while on 1. then all 3 show up in ‘start mode’
-If I ‘play’ the app while on 2 then goto 3. then goto 1. is shows up in ‘start mode’. (but If I FIRST go to 1. then 3. then back to 1. then it shows up in ‘stop mode’.

@wolph42 iOS? If so - you need to update the server to the latest version. There was a bug fix for this issue.

Android S8, this evening I’ll update the server and test again. Been fiddling with it a bit more but it really requires the right sequence of actions to trigger this issue. Anyway maybe this resolves when I update the server.

Yeah, hope so.


I made the update but the server doesn’t start. Usually it’s working but I’ve surely made something wrong…

Any idea?

Seem like you are running it from another folder (not those one where jar file is). Or name is wrong. I see strange space in name with “.jar .1”.

Wow!!! This is a superb upgrade… congratulations to the development team :clap:

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I restarted at the beginning.
-Deleted the downloaded 36.4 file
-Re-launched the previous version 36.3 -> Ok, app well connecting
-Re-downloaded new server file :
wget " "

-Reboot server … but server still ko

PS: don’t worry about the .1 in the name, it’s an old screen capture. The name is well conform as shown here below…

I see the new 36.4 file server in “/pi” is not a JAR file but a compressed file

I tried to extract it manually but it doesn’t work…

I think you have a space at the end of it…

Your wget command has space at the end…

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alas no. I’ve updated the server to the latest version but the issue persists. So it really is a bug

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