New Android Release 2.16.3

What’s new:

  • Finally, Super-Chart supports optional x/y axises in the portrait mode and optional y-axis labels for each stream; (thanks for your feedback)

  • Geo DNS fix. This is just the phase 1. However, now - in case, when you will travel abroad, no need to put IP;
  • Dozens of Super-Chart fixes;
  • Now users will not get notifications after logout;
  • Better touch for Button, Slider, zeRGBa widgets - forget about scrolling dashboard and accidental clicks on widgets;
  • App caches latest used custom server setup;
  • Better notice of confirmation of Device Selector removal;
  • Device Tiles fixes;
  • Hide device status list on click/swipe on project;

As usual, waiting for your feedback.


seems a LOT of useful bug fixes and features!
thank you dev team!


Yes!! A pet peeve of mine resolved :smiley:

Looks real nice… and easily readable! :eyeglasses: :+1:


@wanek Please test notification for old issues Thank you.

What about doesn’t get notification sometimes for new user on local server!?

it seems that y axis in portrait mode does not work for me. X axis is working fine.

Nexus 5X, Android 8.0, Blynk 2.16.3

Kind regards

Make sure you had not only enabled y axis values for the widget, but also for all your streams (they have option to enable/disable their y labels, for example, it is not always needed to see binary stream’s low and high)

There is 2 seperate places to activate that… one in ‘Main’ Widget setup - scroll to the bottom.

And a separate toggle in each of the data streams you have, again at the bottom.

Oops, @BlynkAndroidDev beat me too it… I was late to the party again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you @BlynkAndroidDev and @Gunner, i have overlooked that :slight_smile:
Now everything works perfectly!

is that fix is in App side to remember what is the last connected IP refers to ?
or it’s Some server side FIX.

@scropion86 actually both. Now the server during connection will redirect you to correct server. The next step is to apply the same for hardware side.

great thanks for the explanation

When we switch between users we don’t have any history of users connected in past and we have to retype other username i think if you define a idea for it. It’s will be very good and useful to switch between users and log in with just type the user pass.

I clone a project with clone button on App on local server include notification widget so notification doesn’t work :expressionless:

We had not thought that there would be any necessity for frequent account changes in the app. Bu on the latest versions of Android it is already working in such way due to AutoFill support.

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What exactly is not working? Could it be somehow connected with local server’s setup @Dmitriy?

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Dose not get any notification and after some try to trifft gher notification app said reconnecting to server and nodejs disconnected.

Is that a phone or a tablet?
Which make and model?

I notice you have the y-axis split in 4 and this gives clearer labelling but lower resolution for each variable.

I have some very busy screenshots when 4 variables are using the full resolution and the y-axis labels enabled in portrait mode. When you drop down from say 4 to 1 variable it’s clear to see how much real estate has been taken up the 4 labels.

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