New Android Release 2.14.2

What’s new :

  • History graph supports device selector;
  • Notifications widget allows you to select custom sound;
  • Support for Face Update feature. Now you can update projects in published apps via Blynk;
  • Regular bug fixes;

The sound notification is it gunna be available for the iOS very soon ?
Thank u

Just a note on the custom sounds for Android:

If you use multiple phones to access your Blynk projects they need to have identical custom sounds or one phone will reset the other to your default sound.

Unfortunately phones don’t all use a default name for the internal and SD card storage areas so you will encounter conflicting paths.

And where may we select the sound notification?

Ok, my app is not yet updated.

Correct. Someday this will be fixed with the sounds embedded in Blynk App. But right now this is not a priority.

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The tilt-for-rotate on the JoyStick seems to be broken on Android, at least, I cannot get it to work anymore, in any mode. Split, merge, auto-return on/off. It just doesn’t seem to work anymore :wink:

@Lichtsignaal latest app?

No… let me check that, 2.14.1. Thought I updated…

We did fix of joystick in 2.14.2. I hope :slight_smile:.

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Nope, still doesn’t doesn’t work …

thanks a lot @Dmitriy ! you guys are the best :wink:

When I tilt my phone it appears to switch the X and Y axis, but that is all it does (with auto return on).

I have two different ranges on it btw, 100-125 and 0-250

@Lichtsignaal thanks. checking…

Could you explain more detailed this ‘doesn’t seem to work anymore’ - is it not sending data?

By the way, we had fixed in 2.14.2 tilt mode issue, due to which joystick has been sending values via switched pins - now it is not sending data for one pin via another pin in landscape mode.

Seems, I’ve got what you mean. I think we’ll release today a bugfix build, so the fix would be available soon.

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Awesome, thanks! I wouldve responded but was busy all day, lol

@Lichtsignaal new update is here :wink: