New Android Release 2.14.0

What’s new:

  • Preview for Blynk.Faces (docs not yet ready, brief description here);
  • Preview for Blynk.Inject (now you don’t need to use Wi-Fi Manager, sorry @tzapulica :wink:);
  • Performance optimizations in all views;
  • Regular crash fixes and small bug fixes here and there;


I love it, great work !

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Does this mean you guys are gonna add more plans for publishing ?

Right now we have only 2 plans - 200$ and 400$ monthly. Unfortunately, app publishing involves manual labor due to google play and iTunes store limitations, so we can’t make it lower at the moment.

Well i guess if you want 1 app published and your planning on selling a 200$ investment isn’t that big of a deal.

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Will Blynk.Inject also work with Particle Photon and Electron?

Yes. Static provisioning is working already, Dynamic provisioning is under development.

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Does this mean this is not for local server?

Does “what” mean?? I am running latest Local Server with this latest App with no issues.

Blynk.Faces and Blynk.inject not for local server?

@hutje Ah, I understand you now… Both look poised for commercial uses, so it would make sense that a customised App running on a business’s Local Server (or a Blynk provided private server) would work, eventually if not already. @Dmitriy?

Yes. This features are not for local servers.

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But Blynkers can test the provisioning etc with their local servers.

It’s all very slick.

Yes. I think Dynamic provisioning should work without any issues. However, it is more for experienced users.

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I’m not sure I follow how this for me ,as a local server user, can benefit from Blynk.Inject as not to have to use @tzapulica 's WifiManager for setting up my device, someone care to explain :open_mouth: ?

Or am I still bound to WifiManager as the best alternative for setting up my esps?

@Fettkeewl please check out Dynamic provisioning in apps section.

Or here -

Thanks, I think I got a better understanding :slight_smile:

To much expensive for 1 or 2 APP. Need a cheaper plan…

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