New Android Release 2.13.0

What’s new:

  1. Amazing vertical scroll in project;
  2. Light/Dark theme selection in project settings;
  3. Tabs design changed a bit;
  4. Timer widget wasn’t working with Tags fix;
  5. Eventor Time events were triggered in “inactive” state fix;
  6. Device selector wasn’t working in “shared” mode fix;

P. S. iOS update is published 2 days ago and still under Apple review. Please don’t blame us. Blame Apple :wink:.


Can no longer add tabs in this version.

You can. But only at top row of project.

OK. I see. I moved tabs to the top of screen and now works.

Thank You for the extra space with the scrolling screen. It will come in handy.

And there are no limits for tabs number anymore.


You Just made my day.
Thank You !!

Ah ah, The answer for the question I hadn’t yet asked.

I noticed that I couldn’t change tabs in edit mode anymore… but after moving 40 widgets in 3 tabs (like an oversized tile puzzle) I managed to move my Tab Bar to the top and now it works as normal :smiley:

ou, it could be a bug with not editable tabs not on top. we’ll check

Yes I confirm from my side also that if the tabs are on the bottom then are not editable…


Already reproduced and fixed. We’ll wait for more feedback and will make a new release with such fixes.


I was able to drag widgets from tab 1 to tab 2 but can’t drag them back to tab 1. Am I doing something wrong?

Wonderful guys. You don’t know how happy the extra space makes me. Not only scrollable tabs but scrollable screen. Beautiful unclutters screen now.

I feel like Oliver asking for more - but 2 things:

  1. Am I missing how to delete a tab? I know I’ve asked for more tabs now I want to delete one!
  2. It’s not obvious there are further tabs to left and right. Can there be an indicator?
  3. similar for the scrollable screen. When you start to slide there is a scroll bar but this disappears when you finish scrolling. Minor one this one - indicator for tabs is more demanding.

Thanks again.

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Forgot to add a forth suggestion. Perhaps option to hide a tab in active mode. This way I could put all my control widgets out of sight i.e. timer, bridge, notify etc. Makes it tidier when sharing with people who do not want to see these widgets.

Missed this reply and created a New Topic here: (RESOLVED) Tabs Widget Issue (with 12th April 2017 update)


As of now, you cannot delete a “Tab” at random. You need to start deleting Tabs from the last Tab. Say, if you have 6 Tabs in total. You can remove “Tab 6” by swiping it left, then “Tab 5” and so on…

Will help. Sure there has to be an indicator!

Including indicators for both:

  1. Tabs Widget Scrolling
  2. Screen Vertical Scrolling
    will give a suggestion to the user that there’s something hidden there to be explored

Also, with this update it would be cool, if the “Device Selector” widget can stay on top of the “Tabs” widget and also available throughout the app in all screens just like Tabs widget. This will provide a simple understandable functionality & ease of use…

With this current scenario, only Tabs can be the first widget. It is not possible to move it down or add any widget on top of Tabs. And thus stopping from adding the Device Selector on top of it…

Thanks for feedback guys. We are aware of current issues. As usual, we will do incremental updates to fix all of them.

Thanks for your suggestings,

There would be an indicator, as well as several other updates to the tabs, like better animations of tabs switch, restoring scroll and etc. To delete a tab - just open it’s settings (click on an already selected tab), and you could change existing tabs and remove the widget.

Is the first tab visible on the dashboard, when you are trying to move widgets to it? We will check this issue. If it is possible - could you send me via PM a screenshot of your dashboard with tabs?

We are considering making a “Settings Tab” Which is a “special tab” which can be hidden, or not.

There are a couple of ideas on how to do that. Maybe we will move all the settings to a single menu in Play mode…

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