New Android Release 2.0.0

Have you ever dream to become a master of multiple devices? Now you can. With new Android release you can control multiple devices within 1 project.

This is very big, no - huge update so there may be some issues and problems. We did our best to fix all issues we found. In case you see something strange - please report and we will fix it ASAP.

In case you are using local server you have to update server to latest version.
Also project with multiple devices will not work on iOS. For those who don’t need this feature nothing will be changed.

What’s new :

  1. Support for multi devices. Basic doc. If something not clear - please ask;

  2. New Map widget. Basic doc;

  3. Button supports inverted state (in case you missed previous update).


Does the device management affect the virtual pins too?
Do I now have virtual pins for every device?

I have a project with a few devices in it but I always use vpins using some logic say for edge detection for example.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

YES, I DO!!! Another great step. You guys are awesome! :heart_eyes: Will check it next week (along with GSM support), as no time now…

@Dmitriy Now one more thing (but not LAST, I hope): A PIN CODE TO ENTER EDIT MODE, and log out. AND THEN I will “hang” a 7" tablet on my wall to create a SMART, “BLYNKED” HOME!! :smiley:


There is no need for a such functionality. You could use project’s sharing - and open that shared project on your tablet on the wall, in such case there would be even no possibility to open project’s options and edit it, but on the ‘master’ device, on which project has been created, you could edit it and change if smth would need changes.

Update is in google play already. Please let us know if you see crashes or strange behaviour.

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Seems to be OK (in basic functionality included in prev. version)

Nice map widget! Guess it is for tracking my wife, right? :imp: But parameters (index? value?) needs some explanation. Will wait for docs.

Yes, you right, I somehow forgot about it. Probably because it tries to drain my wallet from energy :wink: But It’s OK, will be for sure used, when needed. Thanks!

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Or lover :smile:. It depends.

Added basic doc in above post.

Perfect timing. Getting started on a smart home project that will use around 4 different boards. Can’t wait to get it all up and running.

I love Blynk & blynk of the most cool update.
I use to track my father :wink:

I found one bug that is after sharing access to new phone it showing old name of project not reflecting new name.

If we turn on gps of both the Phone it show’s its own position
which gps position have more preference??


@saurabh47 Purpose of this widget is to locate your hardware and not other phone… However I think some workaround here possible. Need to think about it.

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I know :wink:
I just thinking of making device which will give notification on my father is at home or not ??
I know there is gps trigger widget .i want know his location to start my studies :smiling_imp::wink:.

So, after a short bit of coding and debugging my script I found the terminal in the android app not working correctly.

Events I post to the terminal seem to be double posted sometimes with a little bit of delay in between.

As you can see the entry made at 02:41:11:398 is shown a second time after the entry made 22ms later.

I can’t say wether the new lib (arduino 0.4.1), the new server (0.20.1) or the android app is to blame for that.

Oh, by the way in autoscroll mode the terminal is completely black!

happy debugging :wink:

I have looked at the basic document and sketch. I am wondering about how often the location is updated? I am thinking in terms of when using cellular connection on my hardware. I dont need a lot of updates. As a matter of fact, used in conjunction with gps trigger, I only want location data when my device leaves the geofence. It will be nice when this is available for iOS too!
Thanks in advance.

You code this. So answer is - it depends on your code.

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Thanks for the reply. That is what I thought, wanted to verify. But I could use the gps trigger then too to only send gps location for when the device leaves the geofence correct?

Is syncing supported across multiple devices?