New Android Release 2.0.0

Ha… well I walked right into that one! :wink:

So if I’m currently doing this on “Device #1”:

void vPinSync() {

  v1State = param.asInt();

  v2State = param.asInt();

How do I differentiate V1 on “Device #2” and V2 on “Device #3?” Thanks!

You can’t. When you do Sync this operation is applied to your auth token. In other words you get all pins for one device with specified token in sketch.

Do you need state of other hardware via Sync?

Yes, that is how I was doing it in lieu of bridge. I have a case where one device collects info from several other devices and pushes all of it to a database.

Could you please describe use case? So I can understand why this is needed?

First of all sounds amazing,
but how to implement it?
Now I have 2 devices w two different projects (2 tokens):

  1. Uno + w5500 + DHT11 + 8 Relays
  2. Mega + ENC28J60 + DHT22 + 8 Relays
    Also would be happy to add GSM module (SIM900 or similar), is there any GSM support in future?

So they do have similar functionality but different sketches, so do I keep sketches as it is and just need to add 2 tokens to a new project on android interface or do I need to rewrite sketches to some one universal for both, so to include w5500 and ENC28J60 libraries? I can see a memory problem in latter solution (well, not in my case but in some cases).

It is already there. Release v0.4.1 · blynkkk/blynk-library · GitHub

Correct. Introduction - Blynk Documentation

IOS, IOS IOS … update PLS!

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@krzyspx soon. I think within 1.5 month we will be able to release this on iOS too.

An way we could speed this up? lol I have 1 month holiday starting this weekend and want to play with these updates but we’re an iOS household D:

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The origin of this I suppose is that I’m using for graphing… which I really like. I get to see as much or as little of my data (temperatures) in one place:

That is pulling data from Phant that I installed on a raspi (used to use to accomplish this but it wasn’t dependable). Every time I write to Phant it needs to be a single HTTP GET string that get’s timecoded. I can’t have 5 different devices all writing whenever they want and all show up in the same place. My workaround is that I have a “central device” that, in addition to monitoring the connection and uptime of all the other devices, it syncs about 5 vPins once per minute, then sends an HTTP GET to Phant.

Not being able to do this with multiple devices isn’t a deal breaker as I’m not short on pins, nor have any two devices with the exact same code.

@structure7 we will provide Web UI soon too so this will be not necessary anymore :slight_smile:.


Unfortunately no :slight_smile:.




I also have a device that sended information to another device. It’s just a wireless switch in a remote location triggering my 433mhz sender device.

Could I still use bridge widget for that?
If yes, how?

Hey you mean i can connect to device to same project ia tht what u mean??

@scientist1995 yes


I don’t know. You tell me :slight_smile:.

Great work guys
Appreciated amazing

I have a project now with 4 devices (and ever growing). Is it possible to create some sort of widget (similar to LED) to display the status of the device? The way I have my project set up is they aren’t necessarily always online, but it’d be nice if I could have a status indicator for each device in the project…

It has status indicator button is filled with colour when its high vice versa

Already in todo list. However this will be not widget but separate view.