New Android release 1.11.0. Tabs Widget!

Dear all, I glad to announce one of most waited feature - Tabs widget! Now you can increase your project space up to 4 times!

  • Few bug fixes;

Don’t forget to update Local Blynk server to 0.15.3.


great i just test it. but i can’t drag and drop an existing widget from one Tab to another one.
i have to remove it and add it again to the other tab.

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@Dmitriy if I try to add tabs to existing projects (on Android) I am getting 'Not enough space for this widget". Is the new widget only available on new projects or am I missing something?

Yes. Dragging is hard to implement with Tabs.

@Costas maybe you just don’t have space for it? It requires 1 free line.

i mean to be similar to dragging icons in android home screen , if that can be implemented it will be very handy.

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@Dmitriy all fine, as you say you need a spare line to be able to implement the tabs.

@Dmitriy this is awesome!

awesome - when is the IOS version due to be available ?

@Dmitriy any chance of increasing the virtual button count from 32 to 128 now that we have 4 times as much space?

@mars as usual in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

@vshymanskyy could you please advice?

@Costas as I know limitation for virtual pins was for small footprint. But for most boards this is not a case. Do you really use more than 32 virtual pins?

Great improvement !!! Thank you Blink Team !!
Anyway I agree with Costas that 32 virtual pins are not enough for large projects. We should have at least 32 virtual pins for each tab.

@Dmitriy for monitoring of industrial processes then there is a requirement for a lot more than 32 virtual pins. Each sensor could have 4 virtual pins (sensor reading, time of reading and a couple of LED’s) then 3 or 4 general control pins for the app so it only allows you to monitor around 7 sensors.

You can display around 7 sensors per page (more if you only want the raw data displayed) so 32 virtual pins is quite limiting now. For domestic use then 32 is probably ok but not for industrial / commercial use.

I guess that is why people have been eagerly awaiting the tabs widget.


Thank you for this… haven’t had the need for it yet but glad to see it’s ready for me! :slight_smile:

This is a great addition, thank you guys !

@Dmitriy +1 Thanks for the tabs!!!

+1 thanks :slight_smile: can we use tabs in ıos app?

ha ha - depends on many factors!!! i had to recycle some LEDs to get the new values i am trialing to show up! but now i can use much nicer graphs and displays!

wow - such a great update, i really hope we can get more V pins - :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

waaaait - hold on - this is just a PLOY to get us to pay for MORE widgets!!! but only if we get MORE V pins!!!



More V pins means I can change/combine a few of my projects…

Now if I could just get more GPIO pins on my ESPs :wink:

Haha, you know with blynk you can use 2+ esps in the same app?

So with 4 x esp12e you can use all the v pins :slight_smile: