Never assign DataStream to a pin that does NOT exist

I assigned pins # 6 & 7 to a digital DataStream at an esp32 template, and spent the next two days troubleshooting code, rolling back, replacing hardware and talking to pillows because of that mistake (or bug). RTOS was crashing giving me the “Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic’ed” just the moment after “Ready (ping: XX ms)”. i was aware that those pins does not exist from the beginning; but i couldn’t find esp32’s actual pin numbers at digital DataStream-PIN drop down list, despite selecting ESP32 hardware at template’s info. it is my mistake but i didn’t expect Blynk library to behave that way.

Hope that helps somebody.

I’d take that advice a step further, and say don’t use digital pins at all, until this issue is sorted-out…


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