Need to sign up for new Blynk Plus

I contact Blynk through the Contact Sales link regarding signing up for the new Blynk Plus, that was about three days ago, so far I have not got any reply.

Since the old Blynk will go away soon or later, and I have three personal projects that I want to move to the new Blynk 2.0 so I need to register at least 5 new devices. The free device is not going to help. Any idea why I haven’t got a reply, Blynk Developers? No yet taking orders?

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@Pavel FYI.

All the payment options will be available after June 25th. Before that no need to worry.

@italex33 Not seeing any messages from you for some reason, but if you can tell me your email address, I can send you a sign up link. Your access will still remain free until June 25th

… and how do I activate a device online? I tried, it did not work. I posted a message here, did not get much explanation.

I’d suggest that you start your own topic, rather than jumping on to someone else’s question, and clearly state what hardware and code you are using, and what exactly what your question is.



I guess the Boss is mad today.

Did you do as asked? You can PM the info.

PS I moved you back to your own topic :wink:

Just trying to help you get your voice heard.



Early sign up is closed, but everyone will be able to select their plan directly in the web dashboard after June 28th (due to extended promo period)

Exactly, I was trying to get the early sign-up deal, but no problem, I stay with the old Blynk until it works no more.

Thanks Gunner :smiley:

@italex33 There was no early sign up deal for Plus, just some manual registrations at regular price :slight_smile:

“Early sign up is closed,” so there was an early sign-up, right? I am lost!


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There was an early sign up for PRO plan only. And it’s already over.

So I still have time, here is June 27, 3PM.

Time for what?

You still have almost 1 month in which to activate a device in Blynk 2.0 to get 5 additional free devices

  • Get 5 additional FREE devices if you activate at least one device before July 25th

But your cryptic comments about exactly which “deal” you were trying to get make impossible to say exactly what it is that you’re looking to achieve.


Still confused.

Agree, very confuse.