Need help with Blynk (using Arduino and ESP)

Hola, Soy nuevo :sweat_smile: y tengo dudas, quisiera que alguien me ayude, es con el mismo tema

Hello, I am new and I have doubts, I would like someone to help me, it is with the same theme

Hello and welcome to the Blynk forum.

Please don’t tag onto others posts with requests for assistance…particularly really old posts :wink:

I have moved you into your own topic and translated to English, as this is a predominantly English forum. Please use Google Translate if required.

Let use know what you are working on, what you have tried so far and post any code that you have so we can see what you have done.

Also, take advantage of all the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder information - Links are all at the top right of this page. These are there to help you learn Blynk, and we (fellow members) are here to assist, as able, with any questions as you learn.

Happy Blynking!

Thank you;
My question was on this subject:
“AC Dimmer ESP8266 Shield Arduino Pro Micro” previously published
I realiaze a dimmer light AC with bluetooth communication using Android (AppInventor 2) and an Arduino Mega 2560; I recently bought a esp8266-01 and wanted to make dimmer light AC with Wifi communication; My question was how to use the esp8266-01 instead of Bluetooth?

As per the documentation in the Help Center (link in the upper right of this page)…