Need help to connect wemos D1 mini board and l293d motor driver module

I have L23D Motor driver module + 3V DC motor + wemos d1 mini as you see. I want to connect them but I don’t how. I mean, i don’t have schematics so i don’t know which one connect to which one. Can someone help me please? :worried:

In this technically driven world, it still amazes me how many don’t seem to know how to use Google Search

Let alone this forum’s own Search function

No man, i can assure you i have been searching it for 2 days. I have looked every project that i found on google. Really. Still, it is not which i am looking for

So, in two days you didn’t found where the Hbridge have the inputs and where the Wemos have the outputs?

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Very impressive… I clearly need to devote more time to searching and less to finding, as I only spent 60 seconds to search, speed read, and cut/paste the two examples I found… even though the 1st was a different version of the D1 (as said, only 60 seconds), the 2nd (which you did not appear to have clicked on) is the D1 Mini… either way, both show how to connect to a L293D, including schematics, pinouts, directions, schemas, pictures, etc… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: