Need help hooking up IR Flame sensor with ADS1115 to Wemos

i want to ask you, i have one sensor called ir flame. i want to convert digital from this sensor to analaog. because wemos can’t have onther analog pin, can you help me to give me scematic of this

While your question is not really Blynk specific, I have moved your request into it’s own topic, so as not to clutter up someone else’s Project Topic.

Can you provide more details on the exact type of IR Flame sensor since some do have digital outputs reacting to built in threshold adjustment, eliminating the need for analog.

Also, if using the ADS115 chip, have you tried looking up on Google for wiring schematics and existing how-tos re: connecting your sensor to it or other ADC/pin options, besides the Blynk Forum topic you originally posted on?.. the principal should be the same all around and the schematics already provided should be sufficient.