Need Custom Firmware for Sonoff

Here I am new, I dont know how to update custom firmware but i sure someone help me. Please guide me I want some function on sonoff basic switch, We need function on that switch is on off 5 times 10 times 90 times like, between on off time is just 1 second. means if I set switch is on off 50 times then switch will be start of off 50 times its like simple.
Please help me


As per the Welcome Topic and the form you didn’t fill out when posting your topic… :frowning:

You could try searching this forum for keywords like Sonoff… then read and study the results.

Do NOT just ask for code or handholding. We help you learn about Blynk, but not as code monkeys or programming teachers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hmm… You didn’t even mention you need Blynk for that! But if so, then the “easiest” way is to treat sonoff basic as a “plain” ESP with just ONE relay, and ONE pushbutton… And led… All the necessary hardware knowledge relating to the great Sonoffs is on their Wiki. To program them you need (mostly) just a USB-Serial interface and (for ease the job) a goldpin soldered to the board. Then you can (for example) build a sketch using the sketch builder (look on the top of the page), where almost ready code can be found.
But… there are ready and complete .bin files with alternative firmware, where some tasks (i.e timer based) can be programmed and run. Those are not Blynk related, so no much help here… Good luck!

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I am total new here about blynk, even I don’t know how to firmware install on sonoff, I am see many videos on youtube but they confusing me so here I am asking help. if any forum or blog or youtube which is explain very clear about that topic then is very help full for me.

There are no ready blynk supported binary files to flash (yet), so you need to build those yourself, but this is not much different than build one for Arduinos (Uno, Mega, etc). When using boards such as NodeMCU the difference is actually not noticeable. But using Sonoffs you need to prepare the board to flash firmware. There are instructions on the web, but I’m not aware of any particular one. All I needed were hardware doc’s provided by Sonoff manufacturer. There is also a great tool (would say “a must have”) for ESP’s. It is called and as the extension suggests - it is written i python. There is also a compiled binary for Windows (.exe). I tested it too and working fine.

Read this nice tutorial trilogy by one of the members tzapu

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Unfortunately, the links on to the Github repository for the Sonoff Boileplate no longer work.
There are a couple of forks/clones on Github. This one looks like it’s being actively maintained:


Yeah… Does actually anybody know why @tzapulica withdrawn all his work? I’ve been absent for quite some time… It might be, I missed something.

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