Necesito saber mas de Blynk_Write

hola a Tod@@SS

Tengo un proyecto que me funciona en Arduino Mega con varios dispositivos

Mi problema es que tengo varios WidgetLED y todos me funcionan dentro de
cada BLYNK_WRITE() , pero no consigo que me ejecute mas vod o una rutina dentro…

que pueda utilizar para seguir programando cuando se activa un botton

Muchas Gracias

It’s difficult to answer without seeing your code, but my guess is that it is a problem with the scope of your variables.

Try reading this and see if it answers your question:

If it doesn’t answer your question then please post your code (correctly formatted with triple backticks) and explain in detail wha is and what is not working.


Thank you very much for responding. a Greeting

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Mi codigo

[Unformatted code removed by moderator]

Los WidgetLED me funcionan y los BLYNK_WHITE ,pero no consigo controlar los void y programar mas cosas dentro en las rutinas… un saludo

Please post the code properly. 3 back ticks like this ``` on a separate line before and after the code.

And explain in detail what is and isn’t working. We aren’t going to spend time un-picking your code if you don’t take the time to explain the issue you are experiencing clearly.


Todos mis WidgetLED , Mis void, y los Blink_White … funcionan individual ok, pero cuando intento ampliar mas cosas dentro de un BLYNK_WHITE … no consigo controlar o parar los dispositivos dentro de ese codigo dentro de Blynk_White…Graciass

BLYNK_WHITE(V9) no consigo parar los dispositivos que hay en los void…

pero esos mismos dispositivos si funcionan en sus BLYNK_WHITE(V --)

I never look at code that is not correctly formatted with triple backticks at the beginning and end, as explained in the text when you created this topic, and later by @daveblynk

Also, references to “devices” didn’t explain what your problems are and what problems you are experiencing. You will need to be more specific.


Thank you very much for responding. a Greeting Peter

No veo el Monitor Serial de Arduino cuando estoy ejecutando el anterior programa. ¿que puedo hacer?. gracias

Okay, as you’re refusing to edit your unformatted code it has been removed.

If you wish to post code in the forum it must have triple backticks at the beginning and end so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:


como te niegas a editar tu código sin formato, NO ENTIENDO

Soy nuevo y tendre que ver poco a poco mas cosas . gracias