My new, portable, battery backed, Blynk Server

For the last (almost) year, I have been running my Local Server on a netbook, that is running Linux Mint, and is primarily purposed as a security camera monitor beside my TV. This has been working just fine, but I wanted to try something different… and no… I didn’t put my Local Server in the shower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a couple of C.H.I.P. devices that are similar to the RPi (WiFi & BT enabled models), but also support full battery charging/monitoring built right in. So I tried testing a "hands off’ Server install method… but due to some “glitches?” where it seemed to install under root access only… I basicly fiddled around and did a partially manual install anyhow.

That result was a compact, and battery backed, WiFi enabled Local Server (but NOT the purpose of this topic :wink: keep reading ).

However, after some recent back and forth troubleshooting of server issues with the latest Java-8 version, I realised I would like a better way to monitor, and even tweak, my server as needed… without always needing to alternate between SSH at the workbench, and physical rebooting across the motorhome, where I had it mounted.

So, I realised that I could use my underutilized (AKA, dust collector) PocketChip… basicly a hand held, portable chassis with LCD, KB and battery for the C.H.I.P. Linux mini-computer.

After some work yesterday, and a write up about it (better documented on the C.H.I.P. forum) THIS is my end result.

The Blynk server is the java process, the is actually a battery / shutdown monitor - and tied to the two status LEDs: WHITE flash for confirmation of active CPU and RED (with faster flashing WHITE) for low battery.

Perhaps in the future I will add the ability for a true portable (e.g. Access Point enabled) Local Server for real “out in the field” Blynking. And with a few GPIO ports still availed, perhaps some embedded Blynk Client options as well… a little flag waving servo? or perhaps put it on wheels and have it run away from me whenever I get close :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: