My first weather station


It looks like we took a very similar approach, using the same wind speed, wind direction and rain gauges.
I put my BME280 in the slotted tube on the left in the photo, and the light level sensor in the domed plastic box on the right…



Great job!

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Really nice project, congrats.

Have you been thinking about adding a solar panel to recharge the batteries?
It’s quite cheap and very useful.

You can see below my own system feeded by a single old 3.7V Li-ion. With the solar panel, I don’t have to take care about the battery…well, its raining a lot in Spain now so you can see the battery is going down…


The picture is not visible but there is a solar cell that charges the two lithium batteries with a TP4056 charge controller. (Sorry my English, im use the translator.)


@ Kastler

would you also share the code and make it available here? Thank you

Cool project!

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Sorry but I don’t know how to insert the code.

Great. Thanks alot

Since the BME280 is in a closed housing, are there no problems with heat development etc.? I can’t see any pressure equalization in the housing and heat builds up, right?

the box has a hole at the bottom, but I may have to get it out of the box.

Hi @Kastler,
Could you please be so kind to edit your post and put three backticks at the beginning and end of your code?
Triple backticks look like this:

Hi Pete, great project. Were did you get the mounting brackets and slotted tube? I’ve got a number of BME based sensors around the house/yard, but need to get organised and make a consolidated project.

Hi @Bill_Donnelly I bought mine from this U.K. seller on eBay…

But this seller might prove more economical for you as they are based in China. They also list the various brackets and also a version of the sensor cover that has a solar panel on top…

The cover is actually designed to house the main processing unit for the weather station, so doesn’t mount directly on to the brackets. I just made a circular plastic plate to go in the bottom of the housing, with a square hole to allow it to fit onto the bracket.
I also found that horizontal rain will make it through the slots in the tube and on to the sensor, so some additional protection is needed within the tube, and it’s a good idea to cover the BME280 board with varnish (all except the tiny sensor with the hole in it).


Thnx, I found a Chinese/AU sellers with same items sold separately (the UK postage to AU is a killer). Just needed to find the right words. Could probably buy a complete wxr station for 1/2 the price . . . but where’s the fun in that!?

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Hello @Kastler, great project, can you share the qr code.

I think @Robertofz asks you the sketch :wink:

No I ask for qr code

How do you use the Blynk project without the sketch? :thinking:

I only want the structure of blynk.