New iOS Release 2.23.0

The 2.23.0 update is available in the App Store.

What’s new:

  • Value Display / Labeled Value/ Menu widgets: Titles are optional. Removed font size auto-scaling and multi-lines. Added choice of small/medium/large font size in widget settings.
  • Menu: now shows a background which indicates tappable area.
  • Timer: added support for custom pin values
  • Reports: added Timestamp format
  • Tiles: fixed receiving offline notifications when they are off
  • Some other bugfixes

As always, let us know if you run into any issues after update.


Of course, we appreciate these updates, but the main thing missing in the IOS version is the eventor.

What are you plans for at last including the eventor in the IOS version.

Thanks for the good work,


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