Motion for boycott blynk 2

The problem with doing that is that the initial post in this topic is about exactly what the title says.
There are already a number of migration topics, which contain some useful information. The problem is that many of the forum users aren’t reading them and are asking the same questions, or proposing the same non-viable approaches to continuing legacy Blynk.


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No one is closing or renaming the thread. Why making so much noise?
For every migration challenge, you can open new topics.
Pricing is not a technical challenge, and our offering is very competitive.

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In this case I agree with the thread closing…
Who has the capability to close kindly procede and we will continue on a new topic for the mitigations and challenges on Blynk1.


@PeteKnight and @Gunner have the ability to close this topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not going to moan about your work, because I respect it.

However, the new version is basically not affordable for many of us.

I will personally use the older version until I would not be able to use it anymore.

I would pay for each device I may need to add, but I would not pay such subscription fees for the pro widgets( they are actually essential for most of the projects).

They are not suitable for hobbyists.

I don’t know… There are many expensive hobbies. Golf, skiing, tennis, equestrianism, etc.
Also, you’re not questioning the dinner/electricity bills, are you?

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I see where are you going with that.

If I cannot afford a hobby anymore I give up on it.

If the electricity offer is not the best I can get, I go to someone else.

But everyone does all this, aren’t we?

That’s how it works!

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It is also getting close to the 25th of July, I am still waiting for the 5 free devices. I got the mail for the discount price but I think I will wait and see if there will be regional discounts. It will not help me to Upgrade to the plus plan and next year I will not be able to renew. I should be able to use the widgets in such a way that I can get similar functionality as with the pro widgets. Will be more work but what can I do. My project is fortunately not that complicated yet.

I do agree that they should bring back the first Blynk. I did not like the complexity of Blynk iot, I did just switch to Arduino iot, be cause is was simpler and head some cool features

What do you find complex with blynk 2.0 ?
I had a little trouble understanding the 1st week because the documentation was incomplete.
Now , all is easy :thinking:

Like what?

alexa integratin in free plan