Motion for boycott blynk 2

They should make2 versions. Old for diy makers . Mostly free but they may put ads and pid remove ads. No software or hardware restrictions. Only pay to remove ad

New for businesses.

Any you will get blynk 2 for free

Already returned on the server-side. Waiting for the UI team to implement it. (the delay is due to the vacations period that is going on right now).

Sorry, but I can’t agree here. First of all, you can’t use Blynk 1.0 for commercial use. It’s in our user agreement and we wrote about it here a lot. Second, all business clients that use 1.0 have our support and in fact, we still fixing for them some bugs even today :slight_smile: . And that’s not gonna change until the clients pay us.

Yes, that’s why Blynk 1.0 still works and we even didn’t close the registration for the new users. That would be the next step so.

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Hello, Pit.
Excuse me, microsoft is not a very good analogue))

I assume that you mean analogy rather than analogue?

I think that if you re-read what I wrote then you’ll see that I wasn’t making an comparison between Microsoft and Blynk, but rather saying that even companies with the seemingly unlimited resources of Blue-chip companies such as Microsoft don’t attempt to provide indefinite support and bug-fixes to their old products.



Pete, you just confirmed what Nikolai said about analogy and you are right, BLYNK is becoming a Blue-chip company with the new version rather than old one which was suitable only for DIY makers and small project costumers like us old users.

The truth is that BLYNK is aware that the new version is not for old users otherwise they would start from blynk1 and update gradually to Blynk2 but they gave their back to old users , shutdown Blynk1 with the promise that they will leave us use it for six months or one year but for sure in the very near future Blynk1 will not be supported anymore.
Even if I still able to use Blynk1 for one year I can’t wait untill one day I found my project on the ground and I must find alternative.

Blynk2 is a very big work and professional for business and not for DIY maker like us, I can’t pay monthly and if I don’t pay my project will stop, this is not acceptable if you are a DIY maker user and not commercial.

At the end BLYNK gave us the most precious present :gift_heart: the local server with port forwarding because they was aware that they will shutdown Blynk1.

I really tried to migrate but is quite impossible .

If you are a new user or with a very small project and you want to use for business so I highly recommend to start with Blynk2.

If instead you are a DIY maker like me with a huge project then you should download the APK of BLYNK 1, download BLYNK Local server, keep them a part and use them whenever you want.


I’m sure the guys at Blynk will be extremely flattered by that comment, but obviously you either don’t understand Blynk’s size and ownership status, or don’t understand what a Blue-chip company is.

Believe me, Blynk local server was released long before they knew that they would ever be developing and launching Blynk 2.0
In fact, the release of the local server in its current form was one of the mistakes that made Blynk 2.0 necessary, as it can be operated independently without any Blynk oversight and therefore can be used for illegal commercial solutions. This is one of the things that Blynk would need to fix before they considered releasing a local/on-premise version of local server for Blynk 2.0

Anyway, this discussion is heading-off into a fairytale land so I’ll bow-out and leave you guys to it.


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There is a thing called “back-compatibility”. And due to this thing moving blynk 1.0 to blynk 2.0 would cost ~4 times more effort, money, and time. For a small companies like Blynk, it was no an option.

Just some thoughts…

Boycot Blynk 2.0? No, i totally understand where Blynk is going with this business plans and also that Blynk 1 is going to end some day but…

For a small non commercial user like me with only 2 devices, a free app with buying Energy tokens in Blynk 1 was a perfect and affordable system.
I guess i’ll need to switch to a plus plan in the end because i need some of the the pro widgets and no further limitations.
I now have 12.000 not used Engery tokens that are useless in Blynk 2, ok i get a refund for the first year, so that’s a very nice offer.
But buying energy once, compared to a yearly fee of $60, is somehow a big ratio in costs for a amateur i believe.

I would love to see a pro widgets package in the free plan with a fixed price (like the energy system used in Blynk 1) for us small and non commercial users. Prices of that could be more expensive then the existing energy packages and maybe you could limit the devices more to 2 or 3 e.g.?

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That’s an interesting perspective :slight_smile:

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Bek, I appreciate your suggestion to makers such as myself to download the Blynk 1 APK and local server, and have done so.

This has been a fun experience for me, and I have turned on a lot of others to its use.

However, the business model of Blynk 2 makes it useless to me, and none of the new features are important enough to overcome my objections.

My concern at this point is the loss of the community, as I assume Blynk 1 will become an orphan when it comes to getting advice and help from other users. Might it be possible to set up a new forum that could continue Blynk 1 interaction, and maybe fork the Project Help, etc to it so we DIY types could keep our community together?

I’d also recommend downloading all the Youtube videos, in case they also go away.

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I think @PeteKnight should close this thread. :thinking:
The boycott of Blynk 2.0 has nothing to do here.
At the very beginning, I was a little scared and dubious about Blynk 2.0
I am a former Blynk 1.0 user.
Thanks to the help of @Dmitriy, @Pavel, @BlynkAndroidDev, and other staff members, I quickly progressed.
There was nothing complicated to migrate my code to Blynk 2.0.
Of course, Blynk 2.0 is not perfect, but the team is listening to us to make corrections and improvements and stay by our side on a daily basis.


I don’t want to prevent free speech, and if existing users have concerns then I think it’s good to have a pace where they can be heard.
It’s also potentially helpful to give people a reality check about what it’s like to run a small software business, although those comments seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

I decided a couple of days ago that I’d step back and see where this is going. If it turns into something non-productive, with people just repeating the same old unrealistic stuff then I’ll close the topic.



As a maker, it would just be nice to have more flexibility to pay for additional widgets to make smaller and more enjoyable apps. The basic widgets are very limited and I admit that I was greatly disappointed. It is true that a maker does not necessarily have to pay a monthly subscription for “leisure” use. A small step from Blynk towards the makers who have supported them for a long time and made their publicity would be a good return even if I fully understand the commercial aspect and I fully recognize the quality of the team;)


Thereby demonstrating what is of most concern to DIY folks, such as myself.

Seems like the best solution for all concerned would be to set up our own support forum.

And as far as prohibiting the violation of Blynk’s TOS, lots of luck with that. Blynk 2.0 will have to get a whole lot better for many current users of 1.0 to be deterred from using it and paying for 2.0 instead.

well closing is not a a solution this place is for discussion but name should be changed boycotting is notnthe solution lelts discuss andthe blyn team will do specific changes

in india #ban twitter is trending on twitterxd S

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Personally I wont join the boycott, but can the developers not consider a plan between free and plus where you can buy a few features (Maybe something where you can use 5 pro features) once off. The reason for my suggestion is when you look at the subscription in dollar terms it is extremely cheap, but when you look at other currencies with less buying power then it actually becomes quite expensive.

We do not consider cheaper plans, however we might allow for regional discounts.

Thanks, Even regional discounts will help a lot.

Could you consider any plan with data / Widgets consumption something like Firebase or Azure , blynk1 DIY user like me need only one device, max 2 devices, with a lot of PRO Widgets …

@ Blynk_Coeur , As you are regular user here and I presume you have got a free PRO Account this is why you switched to BLYNK2 and i assume you have use less than 30 Virtual Pins not like me that I have 120 VP and almost al Physical Pins, I also would do the same if I have a free PRO or at least have a one shot payment as before but not monthly …

Instead of closing the thread and stopping any hope for blynk1 community to continue discussing , could you or administrators try to change the Title instead of boycot “MIGRATION CHANLLENGES FROM BLYNK1 TO BLYNK2”…

With Blynk 1 I can do many things like Labveiw - BLYNK to control directly the PC instead of Arduino, or to control my ARM Microcontroller , control my device with voice using ALEXA-BLYNK, OTA with a soft button on Blynk and Arduino OTA…
Many things that can be developed further and shared with the community …
Of course the Future is Blynk2 but as long as the plan is monthly payment and BLYNK2 is not stable and complete yet I will keep goin on with Blynk1.

Please keep going this thread and change the title…

Best regards


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