Motion for boycott blynk 2

Dear Blynkers and developers, I hope this thread will not be deleted by the authors or administrators.

Given the enormous difficulties in merging the old Blynk into the new one, given the fantastic work done by the developers to bring the Blynk 1 to this perfect level. I would ask all Blynkers to make a boycott motion of blynk 2 here to stay with the old blynk even with the same payment methods as the new blynk.

I would ask developers to give us back BLYNK 1 paying the same as for BLYNK2.

I would like to have my Blynk 1 as before and pay for everything you want as for the new one, then starting from this Blynk 1 it will be up to the developers to update it to blynk 2 with all the new advanced features, but starting from Blynk 1 and not from scratch as it was done …

Those of the blynkers who are happy with the new blynk will be welcome to say why …
Please say YES to maintain BLYNK1 or NO to update and use BLYNK2 …

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I’m definitely not on board to boycott, but I do feel it was maybe released slightly prematurely.

Edgent provisioning, cloud features and other stuff will be very, very helpful to me moving forward and stuff I wanted to see anyways.

There will always be growing pains, but the team seems to be aware that this release has some issues and has been very supportive of user issues regarding Blynk2.0.

I’m more than willing to take a “wait and see” approach on this, because ultimately I understand what they are trying to accomplish here and I support it.

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I agree with you on some points. I am dissapointed to see that i can’t migrate my little applications developped for friends because of the removal of most of basic widgets i used in these projects. If i want to upgrade my projects i will be obliged to explain to my friends that they have to pay a month subscription that is out of question for them. So it would be appreciable to have a way to pay just for specific widget for example. Without that all basic makers are going to leave the app that would be a shame. Yes ! Blynk 1.0 was very very cool and convenient for makers :slight_smile:

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We appreciate your feedback @bek. It motivates us to improve Blynk 2.0. I understand that going through changes is always difficult and I share your pain on certain parts of the product. I wish everything was perfect from the very beginning, but in reality, there is always a space to improve and it needs time. This was true for Blynk 1.0 and this is true for Blynk 2.0.

It’s better to look into the future, rather than holding back to the past.

And while other blynkers are sharing their thoughts, I will just leave this image here:


@bek I think you should give some thought to the practicalities of what you’re suggesting.
Do you think that it’s possible to run a software business where the company has two diverging products that both need to be maintained?

Even companies with the resources of Microsoft retire their legacy products over time, and expect users to migrate to their latest version.

If Blynk were to accept subscription plans from Blynk 0.1 users then it would simply trap them into having to put the resources into maintaining the legacy product and over time that would be an ever diminishing return for them.
From a corporate point of view, the only sensible thing to do is to drop support for the old product and encourage users to migrate to the new one. This is especially true of a company the size of Blynk, which has to remain focused and efficient to remain competitive.

To a large extent, Blynk has to react to changes that are outside its control. If Apple and Google make changes to their iOS and Android operating systems, or Android phone manufacturers release new phones that function slightly differently, then Blynk need to respond. If the libraries they use to provide some of the functionality within the mobile apps are updated then they have to respond. If a new version of the ESP core is introduced that breaks existing functionality then they have to respond. If new board types are released then users also expect them to respond.
This creates a workload burden that needs to be managed, along with their ongoing development and maintenance work. Having to do this for two products, which are diverging rapidly, doubles this workload and isn’t viable for a company of Blynk’s size.

No amount of burying your head in the sand is going to change these facts, but if you want to boycott Blynk 2.0 then that’s your choice.



I neither agree nor disagree. need of refund. We are getting 5 devices and 50 present off.
They should have given us devices equal to emerge purchased means one who purchased 10 0 enegie should get 5 devices so, 200 for 10…

Also. Boycott us not the solution.


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My boycotting request was to keep all actual features of Blynk 1 that we have and adding the new features of Blynk 2, I know its late to do but maybe it would be possible to recover and stablish all what we lost from Blynk 1.

Some fundamental points like the Physical Pin R/W are very important and I use to diagnostic my remote hardware without re-coding the Esp, merging the code in my ESP to the new provisioning code is quit impossible, creating hundreds of variables in the Data Stream and create hundreds of widgets is not very easy and takes a lot of time.

I can’t start my project with any other Blynk similar Apps because this means I must start all from scratch, if I’m here is because Blynk is the best App in absolute from my point of view.

Maybe a support for old users will be nice to have and guide us step by step for how to merge Code and GUI from old to new Blynk without pain :slight_smile:

A table of comparison of what we have in Blynk 1 and what we will get in Blynk2, with a suggestion for what to do in case if something in Blynk 1 not present in Blynk2 like physical Pin for ex.
Said that, at the end I can’t live without Blynk :upside_down_face: :confused: :worried:

But… you may run local server on any cloud hosting.

@Madhukesh does it on Aruba cloud for nearly 40 dollars per year. Cheaper than new blyI am tring to run it on heroku in free plan

Forgot to mention free energy

Differences are here.
A migration guide is in progress: Migrating to new Blynk - Blynk Documentation

I have Local server but it is not the solution for all, you must have port forward capability which I don’t have since I use 4G and as you know no port Forwarding with 4G unless you buy a professional account which is very expensive about 35 euro here in France…:- :innocent:
Also in future you never know if you can still use the old app on the newest smartphone OS because it will be removed from Google Play .
There is no other option except the one that we are constrained to use Blynk2 even if we don’t need all the new advanced business features … :- :disappointed:

Use it on cloud server. No port forwarding required. Madhukesh will help you

Great, that what I was looking for, now I have to study these difference and apply them…reading the new features of Blynk IoT sounds great especially for Alexa and voice control , very interesting…
Last question: any hope to get back the Physical Pin R/W? in case of we can’t have it again, kindly let us know why it was removed? black Theme is available or not yet?


Who is Madhukesh? never heard about … :- :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No longer !! Blynk 2.0 is much cheaper when compared to cloud computing. It may be hard to migrate to Blynk 2.0 but eventually it will happen…

But free widgets are very limited. May be a bit more flexibility with widgets may help !! Anyways we are getting back the Time input widget !!! So if they add few widgets to basic pack it would be awesome !

I’d suggest that you spend a little time reading some of the Blynk 2.0 posts here on the forum. If you did that you’d already know that digital pins will be added to Blynk 2.0, along with a dark theme.


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Glad to hear that, this make difference for me …It will be nice if we can have something like a special thread or a link to inform us about what is missing, what is fixed what is coming and any update . To avoid us reading all the Posts… Just a daily or weekly brief specially in this critical period of handover and transition for old Blynk users…


I’m part of a small company that does IOT sensors/controls and roll our own apps/website. Bynk 1.0 was not usable in a business application, and i never suggested it to any of our partners. We used blynk 1.0 for ‘rapid sensor/algorithm validation’ applications, but never for a product. Blynk 2.0 has changed that, and this is starting to turn into something that I’m really thinking about trying to get a few of our product dev partners involved in. We’ll see, there are too many things finicky right now. This is becoming a platform anyone could whip together a mass marketable product with. I really want to say Congrats to the blynk team for making such an awesome platform!

Now the cons:
It’s very disheartening that they are shutting down blynk 1 with frankly a terrible “sorry we’re pulling the plug - too bad if you funded our company’s startup… Here’s a coupon!”. It makes it hard to say “We trust blynk as a company to use it with a long term commercial product”. Personally, I think at minimum, I have to have a backup OTA, or disable blynk’s OTA all together to give me backup options when they pull the plug on blynk 2.0 for blynk 3.0. Remember blynk, some of your users can’t just plug the device into usb and reflash it. These devices might non accessible and all over the world.

In my mind blynk is reminding me of the days of makerbot when they were basically kickstarted by the community, then turned their back on the community that got them started. And… Well it didn’t end well.

We all agree about that but blynk1 was also great, complete, perfect and smarter , I don’t agree about the fact that they shutdown completely Blynk1.
Most of old users like me has no interested in taking advantage of the business version…Now we are obliged to upgrade to the new version, as we have no other options.!