Mega + wifi r3 is supported for blynk

This device is supported for blynk
Please help me and also tell me sho to use it for blynk.

The search facility in the forum is very useful…


Sir please
Just tell me it will work with blynk please sir

The Mega + WiFi R3 is not in the official list of supported hardware:

but the search results I pointed to earlier seem to show Blynk community members using it successfully.

It’s not the type of hardware that I personally would choose to buy - because it’s expensive, bulky, has limited processing power and has to be physically connected to a computer to update it (no Over the Air update capability).

If you haven’t already bought one then I’d suggest that you read this:

If you have already bought one then look at the search results and see what everyone else is doing with them.


the Mega is on the list

Mega+WiFi is a Mega with esp8266 on Serial3

It works. Been using one for a month now.

is it work for blynk iot??

It should work fine but I don’t recommend using it. I’d suggest using esp32 or nodemcu instead.

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