Make blynk notification sound selectable

hello app developers!

i have searched the forum and found lots of old topics, with several people already asking for this functionality! (just search for “notification sound”)

it would be very nice, that we can select which file to use for blynk notification. the same way as one can select ringtone, alarm tone, email, etc.

in my current project i would like to build a motion sensor based alarm, but with the current notification sound there’s no chance a sleeping person could hear that… and also, i think it would be very usefull to have a distinctive sound for blynk events.

i kindly ask, it would be so complicated to add this functionality in eventor widget? i mean like this:

when vpin value is higher / lower / etc than x, play sound: select mp3 from phone.


edit: @Dmitriy, @BlynkAndroidDev, what do you think, there are any chances for this functionality in the near future?


You could perhaps play a LOUD online mp4 video clip with the video widget. Failing this wire up a buzzer.

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hm, but how can i set up the video stream widget to autstart for the motion sensor? in eventor widget there is only one option: to send notification.

the buzzer is not possible, because the motion sensor is in different area than the user. he couldn’t hear it. so the alarm must be on the phone.

Wire up a buzzer to an ESP and use bridge to send motion detection from the other room.

I wasn’t thinking of the Eventor but you might be right it could be difficult to autostart the video. That said videos play automatically even when you are not connected to Blynk (uses WiFi stream) but that’s different to autostart.

We had thought about sound selection, but due to the impossibility to sync use the same selection both on ios and android we decided not to include it. Maybe we could do some separate sound settings for platforms, we’ll think about it. @Dmitriy @Pavel any ideas?

Sounds good for me. Is it possible to do on Android? Specific sound for specific event?

Yep, also we could request system’s ringtone picker for such purposes.

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this is exactely how i thought.
thank you guys for considering!

imagine how cool is that, if one can know what event occured even without looking to the phone. just by some custom tones :wink:

@wanek by the way - what exactly do you expect - specific sound per event or specific sound for project?

selectable sound for every event would be great (not just for me, but i’m sure other users could benefit from this).

per project at least would REALLY help!

…was that the BBQ, the oven, the fireplace, the ventilation or the rain sensor???

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@Dmitriy, just asking, this functionality is already implemented and works on ios, or only for android?

i do not have apple phone, so, can not test, this is why i’m asking.

For Android only.

will this be added to apple phones in near future? (say next 2 months)

Very unlikely.

ok, i see. thanks for the info!

Any luck yet, guys?

Hello Blynk Community.
I have a follow up question related to this topic. I know that the notification widget allows you to select a sound when a notification occurs but is there a way to select the tone in the hardware so that the sound can be unique depending on the reason for the notification?
It appears that this was investigated 2 years ago and i could find any information about it when i checked the notification section of the Blynk docs. Please help.

I would imagine that unless the sound can be selected on both Android an iOS then it would be very difficult to change the Blynk library to specify which type of sound should be used for a notification.

The iOS version of the app doesn’t currently support selection of which sound can be used, presumably because of limitations imposed by Apple, so I guess it’s a feature that hasn’t been enabled in the library for this reason.


Hello Pete. Okay i am an android user and i am able to select the sound of the notification widget on the app. If i am able to do this, on the app is it possible to make this selection in my hardware using some line of code such as the lines of code available to change the colour and labelling of an LED widget or the state of a push button widget ?