Lots of energy

Hello !

I am planning for a big project for my big home. Where i need lots of energy because i have decided to use Blynk Cloud…
So having said that, I am ready to buy as much as energy required from Blynk no problem in that. But how much time will i be able to access the cloud ? Say months, years or forever ? I am asking this only because before investing money i just want to be sure. And what about the App part ?? Because Blynk is an ever growing and changing platform !!

And i was just wondering if the whole Bynk app (exact Blynk app) can be exported to our own app (buyout plan).?? @Pavel
But then i guess i cannot access the Blynk could. No worries i will port forward my local server.

Or is there any plan for the individuals ??

Recent discoveries that the App will NOT connect to your Local Server, without internet connectivity on the App side… probably to call home for permission/usage accountability??

Blynk is up and running since 2015. So it’s here to stay, especially since business side is developing well. We also proved the reliability of the platform with 99.99% uptime (which is public data)

If you are you asking if a $20-30 investment (which is Energy enough to build spaceX monitoring project) will cover you forever? I would love to make such forecasts, but eternity is too abstract for me. On average, life span of the product accordingly to our data is 5-10 years. So it looks like you are pretty much covered. Compare Blynk pricing to other IoT platforms and Blynk would win this comparison too.

What I do think though is that Blynk costs are incomparable with investment in hardware for a “big house” you mentioned. And in IoT world, software costs are usually end up being way higher than the hardware ones. Blynk is very much underpriced for what it delivers. So even supporting the platform for all the years of servicing the community and making complex tech more accessible for anyone is worth investing in (no matter how long it lasts). I’m sure my team deserves that.

Every individual who created account on Blynk can use free Blynk Cloud. We don’t see any reason in making app exporting for individuals as everyone can use Blynk app and it covers ton of use cases for individuals. Can Blynk app be better? — always Yes (that’s why new platform version is on the way).

Standalone apps is a very different service. The lowest plan we offer is $99/month as stated here: Pricing | Blynk - IoT platform for businesses . Buyout terms are also there. Try hiring a freelancer who would code an IoT android app for you and will support it for $99/month and you’ll understand that Blynk is a no brainer.

Not sure what you meant here: “whole Blynk app exported to your app”. Could you please clarify? If you need branded Blynk app (a constructor), then no, it’s not for sale. I mean it can be for sale, but then you would need to acquire Blynk Inc. and it might be expensive :slight_smile:


where does this discovery come from? It should work locally. Please report bug. Thanks.

Oops, Big Bro missed one :stuck_out_tongue: I just reset it back to Issues and Errors as, based on your comment, it just might be a bug?

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I hope that day comes soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even if i maintain and run my own server it will cost way to less including the Electricity bills and the internet charges combined that will be used for server. YES Blynk definitely deserves to be paid because you guys have developed such a great platform. And you are maintaining lots of other things as well[not only bills] … But when it comes to an individual, we just think about the monthly recurring costs. And for an individual 99$/Month is way too higher…

@Pavel It was told that NEW PLAN will be introduced for individuals, when i was reading in the forum.
But there is no signs of it yet !! Can you please let us know when can we get such opportunity ? Because many are interested as i have seen in the forum !!

But please find a diff way to gain monthly charges from big companies. But for individuals its better to keep a one time payment and later charge for energy with a higher tariff !! This is just an idea !! Please do consider !!