App fails to connect to local Blynk Server without internet connection


I have a raspberry pi zero W with NOOBS 3.2 rasbian and hotspot (

Installed the blynk server but now the problem is that android app, when connected to zero w’s ap, does not connect. It states “No internet connection” and does not do anything.

Weird thing is that if I connect to my main SSID, then press connect, then change wifi to zero w’s ap immediately, it connects.
Furthermore, if I connect zero w to usb lan and connect it to internet, the phone would also have internet and would connect. Once connected, i can disconnect the ethernet cable. Upon restart of the server, however, it does not work again unless i reconnect the ethernet.

I don’t understand this behavior? Any ideas would be appreciated. thank you

Are you setting the App for the correct IP of the RPi and using port 9443?

Yes, because with internet connection, it connects even though it is a local address. seem to be the default ip host of the hotspot app.

If the hotspot script is somehow providing a different IP for the AP than is used for the RPi, then you need to feed the App the RPi’s IP.

The App should connect just fine to the Local Server as long as it can see it on the same network as the phone. Unless the devs changed somthing, internet (for the App) is only required for Cloud Server login… well, and any internet based Widgets, emailing, etc.

If I can access the pi blynk admin page via that same ip, doesnt it mean it is the correct one? Once I login with internet, I can disconnect the pi and the phone from internet and the app would continue to work despite reboot of the server. If I log off the app, then it would fail to login…

That is correct.

I haven’t tried to make a standalone (internet free) AP/Server combo in about a year, so I have no idea if any changes have been made to the Blynk App, requiring some form of “authentication” to Blynk before logging into even a Local Server.

But based on what you are saying… simply don’t log out of the App on whatever phone you want to use in this internet free scenario (I almost never log out).

If you need cloud access, use a different phone/tablet for that, or try cloning the Blynk App (probably on Android only) for some dual app fun (Google app cloning).

don’t need the cloud. That is just what i am doing :slight_smile: Thank you. I was just wondering why this is so. There is no reason why the app should have internet connection at all if it doesn’t need to connect to the cloud.

There is if the developers are using various ways to track unauthorized “commercial” use of their App, outside of subscription purchase… I don’t know if this is actually a thing, but I suspect it may be.

i see… well, i guess there is no way around it unless anyone else have an input. thank you

I confirmed it (your issue) on my system. Everything works without internet, as long as your phone/tablet was already logged in. But an actual internet link, on the phone at least, needs to be available to log into the App, even with Local Server.

I suspect this is meant to be this way, and not a valid Issues and Errors situation (EDIT - I reverted back to this as per Pavel’s post here … possibly just Blynk protecting it’s closed source App and commercial operations?

Okay. Thank you. I just wish there was a clear instruction regarding this in the local server installation github. I spent hours trying to fix the server when in fact it was working :(… How do I mark this as solved? I really appreciate your support :slight_smile:

Why would there be? It is after all an “Internet of Things” application :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. I DO understand some of your frustration… I too am unable to use Blynk like I used to, want to, due to changes. But we don’t control the developers direction of their product.

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That is true, but there are a lot of inquiries regarding running Blynk offline to which there are a lot of answers like “just run a local server” when in fact just installing one will not allow you to use it offline unless you log in on your app with internet first. :thinking:

Yes… at one time I suspect it did work entirely offline, you would have to dig up old .APK copies and test that with older Libraries and Server files.

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We will investigate the issue
@BlynkAndroidDev @Eugene - please take a look.

@GunnerTechTools IDK, your assumptions are imagination. If you read the blog post, it says

Energy for widgets was a super fun concept, but we decided it has to go.
Instead, a new pricing model is introduced. Majority of features are free for personal use and separated from features for businesses, which are paid based on usage.

  1. How is it not focused on community?
  2. Where does it say if it’s going to be expensive for personal use?

We serve unbelievable 100+ billion(!) messages every month for free for over 500,000 maker community. How come we are transitioning? We are only adding new stuff for free!

Please don’t speculate :wink: It has no ground.


Thank you.

I will honor your request :slight_smile:

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It is a bug on login/register screens due to several recent updates. We will release a new build with this fix soon.


We released today 2.27.7 - it should fix this bug.

Hm didn’t get any updates from the play store yet.

I just received notification from google about new version’s availability - so it should be soon available for an update