Login time out

hi guys i bought a new nodemcu after programing it in monitor they put “login time out” after connecting to the internet
i am using ios app mac for arduino and nodemcu board so what is the problem ?

and this is the code
20 PM

Hello. What “ping blynk-cloud.com” shows?

as show on the picture blynk-cloud.com:80 only

that is the code

52 PM
those are the first line of the monitor

I mean - ping from console, not from hardware.

i didnt undertand witch ping you are talkin about


google “how to ping a server” and you will understand what to do.

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13.7 ms
what should i do?

hm, it seems the code is correct, also the esp can connect to the wifi.

  • are you sure the token is correct?
  • did you ever managed to sucesfully connect from this hardware?
  • if you have another esp at hand, try to flash the same code and see if it can connect

Yp i tried that board on another cide and it worked!

aside from hardware issues there still might be some specific network/router/internet provider issues. We had it here not long time ago (but on ESP AT comm firmware)

could you try to load exactely the same code to another esp and test?

I dont have one i have to buy a new one

are you sure the token is correct?
@Dmitriy, what else could be? i have no more ideas.

Well, I’m not a dev :wink: but I guess it’s time to enable debug output…

So, you are saying you can use some other code and it will connect to Blynk?? What other code?

Using code as exaple of wifi jammer how can i connect to blynk with another board?